Canada: Trudeau calls for “Conservative Muslims” to help Conservative Party cure “Islamophobia”

In a bizarre speech, sure to have many interpretations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on Conservative Muslims to “to get involved in the next election campaign to ensure that the Conservative party ‘never again’ stokes fear and division against Muslims or any other group of Canadians.”

Double-take: he actually called the Conservatives a party that stokes fear and division against Muslims at an open Eid dinner with 1,500 present, and called on Conservative Muslims to help them. Strange.

Trudeau told the group at the Eid dinner, hosted by an organization called “The Muslim Vote”:

“I want you to encourage Conservative Muslims to get out and help their local Conservative candidate, to go knock [on] doors, to donate to the Conservative party, to attend a rally for the Conservative leader” so that “never again would any mainstream party in Canada think it’s a good idea to stoke fears and divisions against Muslims or any other group of Canadians.”

Double-take: Trudeau is asking for “Conservative Muslims” to get out, volunteer and go help raise money for Conservative MP’s door to door, because in his view the Conservative Party is so “Islamophobic” that  it needs his help, and that of Muslims, fast.

Strange that Conservatives are so desperately “Islamophobic,” yet Conservative MP’s showed up to the 1500-strong The Muslim Vote Eid dinner. As Canada’s October election day approaches, Trudeau is becoming increasingly unhinged.

His off-kilter speech may have been intended to embarrass and sabotage the Conservatives, on one hand by accusing the party of “Islamophobia” at a large Eid dinner, and on the other, to send the message to the group (and attending media) that he will be the best leader that Muslims and “other groups” can possibly have to protect their interests and unify a diverse, multicultural Canada. Therefore, he advises, be sure to vote for him in the October elections.

Conservative MP Lisa Raitt responded to Trudeau in a manner just as confusing as his speech by telling the group that “this felt like the campaign kick-off” and that she “welcomed the prime minister’s call for more Tory volunteers. “‘We welcome you with open arms,’ she said, with a big smile.” Whether Raitt was being merely a good sport and trying to skirt the embarrassment or whether she was serious carries rather different implications.

In 2015, Muslims “voted overwhelmingly for the Liberal Party” in federal elections, and this helped Trudeau “secure the majority government.” Trudeau knows that the Muslim vote is his biggest hope.

Despite Trudeau’s habit of public virtue-signaling, he isn’t the picture of virtue by any stretch. He rang up $384,000 tab for food and booze on only five flights, and was found in contravention of four sections of the Conflict of Interest Act in relation to family vacations on the Aga Khan’s private Caribbean island. Now the Conservatives are seeking a criminal investigation into those getaways. Moreover, his support has declined in public opinion polls since the mega-company SNC Lavalin was exposed in a mega-corruption scandal linked to his government and to Libya. The Conservatives are now ahead of the Liberals leading up to the elections.

Just how bad does it look for Trudeau? In an article published by Maclean’s Magazine, “The moral catastrophe of Justin Trudeau,” about Trudeau and SNC Lavalin, the case was described as “a sickeningly smug protection racket” that “should make us all question what we’re willing to tolerate.”

As Trudeau campaigns on “Islamophobia,” Canada has never been more divided, thanks to Justin Trudeau. When “anti-Islamophobia” Motion M103 entered the public square and was passed as a motion in Parliament, its defenders argued that it was a benign motion to help fight anti-Muslim bigotry in Canada, but it was much more. The questionable Muslims behind the tabling of the motion were adamant that the word “Islamophobia” be used. They rejected outright the term “anti-Muslim bigotry,” which was presented as an alternative term to calm increasing divisions and make clear that criticism of Islam as an ideology was not forbidden. In addition, these individuals were linked either to jihad terror groups or unindicted co-conspirators to jihad terror.

The concept of “Islamophobia” is promulgated worldwide by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in order to beat down critics of Islam and those who offend Islam. It is a direct assault on the freedom of speech, and is intended to subvert democracies and promote the supremacy of the Sharia. Case in point: the United Nations is now poised to “launch a global ban” on all criticism of Islam and “prohibit all speech” that offends Muslims. This drastic step did not come overnight. It is a result of Islamic doctrine forbidding criticism of Islam, a doctrine that is now being forced upon the free societies of the West.

M103 deemed Canadians to be hateful and fearful of Muslims and in need of having their “phobic” emotions “quelled” by the government. A follow-up 23-million-dollar  initiative that included M103 aims to “crack down” on the freedom of speech, “monitor citizens for compliance,” and train law enforcement to do the same.

A recent incident showed that the Conservatives are in danger of falling into the “Islamophobia” trap. Three weeks ago, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer threw Member of Parliament Michael Cooper out of a House of Commons justice committee hearing “as punishment for Cooper’s angry confrontation with a Muslim witness in hearings dedicated to online hate.” Rumor has it that Scheer was trying to prove to his Liberal opponents that the Conservatives were not “Islamophobic.” The witness was Khan Suri, president of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council. It was a low point to see a Canadian MP thrown out for rightly challenging a Muslim who was blaming the so-called “alt right” for online hatred and for fueling online “Islamophobia” and anti-Semitism, and influencing the New Zealand massacre.

Cooper responded:

Mr. Suri, I take great umbrage with your defamatory comments to try to link conservatism with violent extremist attacks. They have no foundation, they’re defamatory, and they diminish your credibility as a witness…you should be ashamed.

More about that incident can be found here.

Scheer’s move was a flawed one, widely viewed by conservative supporters as an appeasement of Muslims, and it wasn’t even enough, since an enraged Suri called for Cooper to be thrown out of the caucus altogether.

Then, in a continued witch-hunt against Cooper that threatened further to divide Conservatives, depending on the reaction from the Scheer camp, CBC reported on June 18 that over a decade ago while still in law school, Cooper “made comments deriding ‘goat herder cultures’ during a discussion about Islam’s compatibility with Canadian democracy.” The comments were alleged to be made “during a heated discussion in a seminar on multiculturalism and the minority rights section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, with Cooper arguing that some cultures were incompatible with Canada’s ‘Judeo-Christian values.’” Jihad Watch covered the absurd accusation here.

A day later came a relieving report by CBC that Conservatives “were rallying around Cooper over his ‘goat herder’ controversy,” as Trudeau attacked Cooper for being disrespectful and intolerant, and took it to the next level by lecturing Andrew Scheer that he “needs to address intolerance in his party.”

Strong efforts by Trudeau and his cronies will continue to be made to weaken and divide the Conservatives and their support base on the “Islamophobia” stumbling block, but the best recourse is to support the freedom of speech as it continues to be under attack from Islamic supremacist lobbies.

Consider some background from last summer which can serve as a reminder to Scheer’s team about dividing the Conservative vote:

The Daily Caller published an article last August: “Canadian Conservative Leader Caves to Trudeau’s ‘Cult of Diversity.” It lambasted Scheer after he “publicly upbraided one of his caucus members for criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ‘cult of diversity.’”

At the time, Scheer issued a “statement accusing his colleague of using ‘identity politics’ that are divisive.” His colleague was former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier, who became his political rival after he split from the party to form his own People’s Party of Canada, a party which is a thorn in the side of Scheer, as it is an ever-present threat to divide the Conservative support base in Canada. Bernier’s party at any given time can capture a sizable portion of the vote, if Sheer is deemed to be a stooge of Islamic supremacists who are constantly threatening Canada’s free society.

“After pointing out that Bernier ‘holds no official role in caucus and does not speak for the Conservative Party of Canada on any issue’”, Scheer continued: “… I disagree with politicians on the left and the right when they use identity politics to divide Canadians … I will not engage in this type of politics.”

Except that Scheer fell into a trap when he threw MP Michael Cooper out of the hearing for offending a Muslim.

Soon after Scheer’s criticism of Bernier, Bernier quit to start his new conservative party. He issued a statement upon exiting the Conservative Party of Canada:

Instead of leading as a principled Conservative and defending the interests of Canada and Canadians, Andrew Scheer is following the Trudeau Liberals….. The same thing happened in reaction to my tweets on diversity and multiculturalism…. Do we want to emphasize our ethnic and religious differences, and exploit them to buy votes, as the Liberals are doing? Or emphasize what unites us and the values that can guarantee social cohesion? Just like in other Western societies grappling with this issue, a large number of Canadians, and certainly the vast majority of Conservatives, are worried that we are heading in the wrong direction. But it’s not politically correct to raise such questions.”

Bernier’s departure came at a crucial time, when the Conservative Party of Canada was about to hold its National Policy Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Although the policy package contained impressive features about immigration control and free speech, another disturbing turn of events happened, which I covered at Jihad Watch:

Scheer banned Rebel Media from sending any of its reporters to the Halifax Convention, while the most Conservative-critical leftist media are welcomed. Also among its exhibitors is “The Canadian Muslim Vote.” I received multiple emails, alarmed that this group was participating while Rebel Media was banned. On the Board of The Canadian Muslim Vote is Ingrid Mattson, whose reputation precedes her….

…The participation of The Canadian Muslim Vote is reason for prudent questions and discussion, but will such queries be met by the Conservative caucus majority with nervousness and accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia”? Widespread apprehensions about “diversity” and “multiculturalism” have not arisen out of nowhere; they are the result of steady news about the proliferation of Wahhabi ideology, national divisions, Canada’s imposition of “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103, which enables witch-hunts against those who criticize Islam, the threat posed by Islamic supremacists globally, and chaos across Europe as a result of suicidal immigration policies. The more discussion is forced underground in obedience to political correctness, the more tensions will arise.

It is too early to predict what direction the Conservative Party of Canada will take, and more importantly, where Canadians will place their trust on election day.

Now fast forward this 10 months later. Many outstanding questions remain about the stance of the Scheer Conservatives, specifically about whether they are able to withstand the Islamic supremacist bullying that goes all the way up to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), with which Canada is already uncomfortably cozy. Liberal MP Omar Alghabra attended the OIC’s 44th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers on taxpayer dollars. This was odd, considering that Canada is not an OIC member nation. A petition was once launched “to remove from office the Canadian Secretary for Foreign Affairs Omar Alghabra for being a Sharia law supporter.”

Trudeau now finds himself with little time before elections in October, and given his woeful reputation as a Prime Minister, he is campaigning on the Muslim vote. Why Scheer allowed The Muslim Vote to have a booth at the Conservative Policy Convention last year but blocked The Rebel Media is a worrying question. The Conservatives would do well to avoid Liberal and Islamic supremacist minefields.

Conservatives have partially redeemed themselves by standing with Michael Cooper over the “goat herder” comment. With little time remaining, Conservatives should focus on the well-being of all Canadians, which includes protecting the freedom of speech. There is no law against offending Christians, Jews, Buddhists or Muslims, in contrast to the Sharia, which deems offense of Islam to be a crime, worthy of death. However, the open calls for death to Zionists and Jews in Canada that still continue at al Quds Day rallies should be opposed at every level of government, in accordance with Canada’s hate laws.

There is a big difference between insults, discussions, and debates about ideas, and hatred of people and groups based solely on race, gender or religion. It is peculiar that the biggest organized hatred against “the other” in the world today — based on race (blacks are still being held as slaves by Muslims in Mauritania, Sudan, Algeria, and elsewhere), gender (the institutionalized discrimination against women in Sharia) and religion (the supremacy of Muslims in Islamic law, and the murder of apostates and “blasphemers”) — is coming from Sharia adherents, who claim victimhood to shield themselves from scrutiny. It is Western leaders who are to blame for accepting their terms. The right to criticize Islam and any other ideology is universal and should be treated as such, without submission to accusations of “Islamophobia.” Westerners can never prove to Islamic supremacists that they are not “Islamophobic,” because the very exercise of democratic rights is “Islamophobic” to them: democratic societies consider Muslims equal to disbelievers. Sharia does not.

Canadians are watching closely as election day approaches.

“Justin Trudeau Urges Canadian Muslims To Make Themselves ‘Important’ To The Conservative Party,” Althia Raj, Huffington Post, June 22, 2019:

NORTH YORK, Ont. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Conservative Muslims Friday night to get involved in the next election campaign to ensure that the Conservative party “never again” stokes fear and division against the community.

“Even though it is going to make my life as Liberal leader a little bit more difficult,” Trudeau said at the Canadian-Muslim Vote’s Eid dinner, a gathering of some 1,500 politically engaged Muslims. “I want you to encourage Conservative Muslims to get out and help their local Conservative candidate, to go knock [on] doors, to donate to the Conservative party, to attend a rally for the Conservative leader…

“I want you to make Muslim volunteers important to the Conservatives,” he added, as people started cheering and clapping. “So that never again would any mainstream party in Canada think it’s a good idea to stoke fears and divisions against Muslims or any other group of Canadians,” he said as people stood to their feet in thunderous applause.

Our government will always stand with you and all Muslim Canadians in condemning Islamophobia and all forms of hate at home and abroad,” Trudeau said, in fighting form at the first campaign event since the House of Commons broke for the summer.
The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a non-partisan organization that seeks to identify and get out the Muslim vote. The prime minister was joined on stage by 20 Liberal MPs from the Greater Toronto Area, including five cabinet ministers: Ahmed Hussen, Maryam Monsef (who was repeatedly noted as having been the first ever Muslim appointed to cabinet), Bill Blair, Mary Ng, and Kirsty Duncan. Two Grit candidates received shout-outs from the stage: Milton’s Adam van Koeverden, the four-time Olympic medallist, and law professor Anita Anand, who is running in Oakville.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also addressed delegates, as did NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and deputy Conservative leader Lisa Raitt. Tory Leader Andrew Scheer was in Iqaluit, his office said. Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia showed up to pose for pictures and took to the stage to rally the crowd around the NBA championship win.

Raitt, who told the group this felt like the campaign kick-off, welcomed the prime minister’s call for more Tory volunteers.

“We welcome you with open arms,” she said, with a big smile, as she stood next to floor crosser Leona Alleslev, the MP for Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill, and Alberta MPs Garnett Genuis and Ziad Aboultaif.

Trudeau said The Canadian-Muslim Vote had reached 2.5 million people in the past four years and noted the influence of Muslim grassroot volunteers. Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey suggests there are almost 1.1 million Canadian Muslims.

Omar Alghabra, the MP for Mississauga Centre, told HuffPost that the organization was started before the last election because Muslims traditionally had a lower rate of voter participation than the general population. In 2015, participation increased by more than 20 per cent, he said.

“They went door to door, they had pamphlets, they went to religious institutions, they spoke to imams and religious leaders, and they spread the message in a non-partisan way.”….

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