Canada focuses on “Islamophobia” while Hizballah expands operations in the country

“Hezbollah’s external operations group, known as Unit 910” is reported to be “even more active in Canada than they were in the United States.”

Ali Kourani, “member of Hezbollah’s external operations unit, the Islamic Jihad Organization….collected ‘detailed information’ about Toronto’s Pearson airport.” This was according to a report circulated by Canada’s air safety agency; and Kourani was not operating alone….

The Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group had tasked Kourani to collect the information so it could plan attacks, according to U.S. prosecutors. Kourani was arrested in 2017.

Hizballah is an Iranian proxy and back in 2012, the former Conservative government of Canada shut down Iran’s embassy in Ottawa because of  a tight network of Iranian jihadists that were expanding a “fifth column” in Canada. The intent was to “mobilize loyalists of the Islamic Republic to infiltrate the Canadian Government and….attack the United States.”  Then in 2017, Liberal MP Majid Jowhari was found to be lobbying the Canadian government to reopen embassies in Ottawa and Iran. Jowhari went so far as to sponsor a petition with over 5,600 names, to re-establish diplomatic ties with Iran.  Then it was revealed that in October of that same year, that former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre had quietly traveled to Iran, where he signed “a groundbreaking agreement with the jihad-funding rogue regime to “boost mutual cooperation in various fields.”

According to the Macdonald Laurier Institute in Canada, Iran’s influence in Canada is a “real concern”:

“Canada’s democracy is under threat from a variety of rogue state-sponsored actors, including from Iran. Their goal is to create conflict in Canadian public life, gather intelligence, and intimidate opponents”

There is only one reason why a member of Iran’s proxy Hezbollah’s external operations unit– the Islamic Jihad Organization–could possibly be collecting “detailed information” on Toronto Pearson’s International Airport. As stated by US prosecutors, it is with the intention to plan jihadist attacks at an unknown time at Toronto airport.

Canada is under enemy combatant attack with a globalist leadership that ascribes to open-door immigration and the return of Islamic State fighters. It is also a country that has become saturated with “Islamophobia” lies perpetrated by Islamic supremacist groups; while its leadership is more concerned about “offending” Muslims than the safety of its own people and loyalty to its heritage.

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