Once Again, “Palestinian” Authority Shows It Has Nothing to Do With Wanting a State

“Dead on arrival” is how many Palestinian officials described President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians. As predicted the Palestinian leaders have announced that they will boycott the economic workshop in Bahrain, were the roll-out of this peace plan is to begin.

This should not surprise anyone. For decades the Palestinians have rejectedgenerous peace offers from the Israelis. Furthermore, the Palestinians have never negotiated with the Israelis in good faith, and have repeatedly thrown away opportunities for statehood.

What the Left has never understood is that the root of this conflict is not that the Palestinians lack a state, but that the Jews have a state. The Palestinians have never been interested in peace with the Israelis or a two-state solution. They are only interested in eradicating the world’s only Jewish state through terror, the United Nations, and now the BDS Movement. This is why the Palestinian leadership continue to brainwash generations of Palestinian children to hate Israel.

Even under the pro-Palestinian President Obama, the Palestinians chose war and vilifying Israel (because they new they had an Israel-hater in the Oval Office) instead of direct negotiations with the Israelis to achieve a two-state solution.

Like the previous so called “peace” proposals this one will fail. Jihadists (such as the Palestinian leaders) will never support peace with Jews regardless of the economic advantages.

Once Again, PA Shows It Doesn’t Care About Having a Viable State

The Palestinians’ refusal to attend a US-sponsored “economic workshop” in Bahrain on June 25-26 has been widely treated as a reasonable response to the unlikelihood that US President Donald Trump’s peace plan (whose economic section will likely be unveiled at the workshop) will satisfy their demands. But in fact, it’s merely further proof that the Palestinian leadership doesn’t actually want a state — or at least, not a viable one. Because even if Palestinian statehood isn’t imminent, economic development now would increase the viability of any future state.

This understanding is precisely what guided Israel’s leadership in both the pre-state years and the early years of statehood.

The pre-state Jewish community was bitterly at odds with the ruling British over multiple violations of the promises contained in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the 1920 San Remo Resolution, and the 1922 British Mandate for Palestine. These included Britain’s serial diminishments of the territory allotted for a “Jewish national home,” and its curtailment of Jewish immigration, notoriously culminating in a total denial of entry to Jews fleeing the Nazis.

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