UK man converts to Islam, calls himself “enemy of Britain,” says “I wanted to be an ISIS suicide car bomber”

Who converted Jack Letts to Islam? What is taught in the mosque he attended? Why wasn’t that mosque investigated? The indifference of authorities to questions such as these is ultimately suicidal.

“‘I wanted to be an ISIS suicide car bomber’: Jihadi Jack admits he was an ‘enemy of Britain’ in Kurdish jail interview after his parents are convicted of sending him cash,” by Jack Elsom and Danyal Hussain, Mailonline, June 22, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Jihadi Jack has admitted his cold-blooded ambition to carry out an ISIS suicide car bombing during his time with the extremist caliphate.

The 23-year-old, whose real name is Jack Letts, has revealed that he was prepared to die slaughtering targets of the jihadist militant group and branded himself an ‘enemy of Britain’.

Letts, who left his Oxford home in 2014 to join ISIS in their once stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, spoke of his evil desire in a shocking interview from his Kurdish jail.

‘They don’t ask you but they encourage you, in a sort of indirect way. I used to want to at one point believe it or not. I now think it’s actually haram [forbidden],’ he told the BBC.

He added: ‘I did at one point want to. Not a vest, I wanted to do it in a car. Hey so I said “if there’s a chance, I will do it.”‘

He gave the interview in October but it has only now been released following the conclusion of his parents’ trial.

Yesterday, John Letts, 58, and Sally Lane, 57, were found guilty of funding terrorism by sending their Muslim convert son £223.

Letts revealed how he joined ISIS because he thought he was ‘going to something better’.

Letts admitted: ‘If I was a member of the British public, I wouldn’t give me a second chance probably.’

He also spoke about why he joined the terror group, claiming: ‘I thought it was some sort of morality actually at the time.

‘Why do I have this nice life, and others don’t? And then, on top of that, the idea of it being an Islamic state and it’s actually your duty to do this….

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