Apple still won’t drop Muslim Brotherhood “Euro Fatwa” App, deemed “disaster waiting to happen”

Apple’s App Store continues to host an app that is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is being called “a tool for radicalisation.” The Euro Fatwa App “claims to help the community ‘fulfil their duties as Muslim citizens.’”

According to The Times, the App “was created by the European Council for Fatwa and Research, an organisation founded by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is regarded as the unofficial chief ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

While Jihad Watch reported about the dangerous App since mid-May, it has continued to be available in the App store despite being under fire, and “condemned as ‘a disaster waiting to happen.‘” Euro Fatwa “is among Apple’s top 100 most popular downloads,” so that is likely the reason that Apple is refusing to remove it and instead, tried to defend its decision (rather weakly):

“Our guidelines require that apps don’t contain upsetting or offensive content, ensuring the App Store is a safe marketplace for all. We reviewed the app and did not find a violation of our guidelines.”

Newsflash: It is highly offensive to be promoting the Muslim Brotherhood mission of jihad along with its virulent Jew-hatred and its supremacism against disbelievers. This makes the App–not only offensive–but a rather unsafe product, a product that promotes the jihad.

Apple has banned other products before, like a game that users referred to as a “drug-dealing simulator,” and “an insensitive game about ‘smuggling immigrants‘ through the desert.” In essence, Apple is choosing to market social justice and Islamic supremacist ideology, while banning truth that may “offend” the worst elements of society like drug dealers, smuggled migrants and Islamic supremacists.

Breitbart published in 2016 that the Apple App Store also rejected a satirical Clinton game that was deemed to be ‘offensive,’ but permitted “dozens” of anti-Trump games.

Apple however has changed one part of the Euro Fatwa App since its release….

Ghanem Nuseibeh, chair of Muslims Against Antisemitism, shared a screenshot earlier this year of a now-deleted introduction by Qaradawi on the app containing a derogatory reference to Jews. The statement, which is no longer available on the app, said: “Muslims became a disgrace to Islam and have acted similarly to the Jews who decreed it was correct to steal.”

Note that the statement only seemed to disappear upon denunciation of it. Apple now needs to get rid of the Euro Fatwa App altogether.

Apple urged to drop app with ties to ‘antisemitic’ Muslim Brotherhood,” by Mathilde Frot, Jewish News,

Apple has been urged to remove an app on its platform created by a group with links to the Muslim Brotherhood, over concerns it is used to foster hate.

The Euro Fatwa app, as first reported by UAE newspaper The National, is currently available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Google reportedly banned the app in May, according to multiple media reports but it is now available on its platform.

It is available in Arabic, Spanish and English and claims to help the community “fulfil their duties as Muslim citizens.”

It was created by the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a Muslim rule-making body set up by clerics with ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Among them, Yussuf al-Qaradawi, 92, who founded the organisation, is banned from entering Britain, France and the US due to his extremist views. He is considered to be one of the spiritual leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qaradawi’s statements have elicited wide condemnations in the past, including his support for suicide bombers to attack Israelis and the claim the murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany was “divine punishment”.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has a membership of nearly one million people, claims it is a non-violent organisation and refutes allegations of extremism.

However the Home Office considers membership of the movement as a possible indicator of extremism and continues to keep the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities under review following a consultation in 2015, which found aspects of the movement’s ideology and tactics as “contrary to our fundamental values”…..

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