UK: Muslim stops partying, starts becoming intensely observant in Islam, murders eight in jihad massacre

Our moral superiors constantly tell us that jihad terror has nothing — nothing whatsoever! — to do with Islam, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.” But the life trajectory of Khuram Butt and so many others suggests otherwise. The Obama administration, however, in 2011 removed materials that noted a sudden turn to devoutness in Islam could be a sign of a turn toward jihad terror from counterterror training. The politically correct myth conquered the unwelcome reality.

“Khuram Butt: The partygoer who turned into a killer,” by Keiligh Baker, BBC News, June 28, 2019:

As a teenager, Khuram Butt – the ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack – was a cannabis-smoking “wannabe bad man” who regularly indulged in petty crime.

As an adult, he retained all of those habits – even as he attacked others for being “bad” Muslims.

Those closest to him paint a picture of an easily-influenced man given to obsessions. It was that obsessive nature which led him to Islamic extremism and, ultimately, to murder.

Details of his life emerged during the inquest into those deaths. Although coroner Mark Lucraft said none of the members of Butt’s family who gave evidence was a “convincing witness”, their accounts reveal a controlling man with a history of violence, who lived a life of contradictions.

Born in Jhelum, Pakistan, on 20 April 1990, Khuram Butt had two older siblings, brother Saad and sister Haleema.

His father ran a furniture business and while his family members were practising Muslims, they were not particularly religious.

They arrived in the UK in 1998 on a visitors’ visa when Butt was eight.

All three of the children attended schools in Forest Gate and Stratford in east London, with Butt doing well in his end of school exams – he gained 11 GCSEs.

The family attempted to claim asylum, which was initially refused. But in 2004 – following the death of his father from a heart attack – Butt was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

He worked as a cashier at a pizza takeaway after school, before getting a job in the stockroom at Topshop on London’s Oxford Street.

He received his first police caution at 18 for fraudulently using a friend’s payment card on public transport.

From his teenage years Butt went clubbing, smoked drugs, indulged in casual sex and was described as a “wannabe gangster”.
Image copyright Metropolitan Police

In 2009 he became an office assistant at a removals firm.

But despite being in full-time employment, later working in a number of KFC takeaways, the life of petty crime still appealed.

In December 2010, when he was 20, he received a second caution for common assault occasioning actual bodily harm after a scuffle with a security guard at a shopping centre.
Haleema’s wedding

Two year’s later, Butt’s sister married.

At the wedding he met a man named Hashim Rehman, whose uncle had worked with his father.

Afterwards Butt began to be more observant. He spent time with him, reading Islamic literature and praying five times a day. He also ended a relationship with his then girlfriend because she refused to convert to Islam.

Mr Rehman told police that rediscovering religion changed Butt, initially making him a softer and more humble man. Butt went on to ask Mr Rehman for his sister Zahrah’s hand, and they were married on 25 December.

Initially, his newly found fervour for Islam was seen as a good thing. He began staying in and attended his mosque more regularly.

But the inquest heard his religious devotion began tipping into an increasingly extreme version of Islam.

On their wedding day, Butt insisted his new wife should wear a burqa and sat her behind a wooden screen so she could only be seen by him. His brother later took the screen down.

After returning from their honeymoon in Pakistan, Butt moved Ms Rehman into the home he shared with his mother, brother and sister-in-law.

His brother, Saad, said that Butt insisted his new wife wore a full-face veil and gloves inside the house.

“I think that says it all. He was the sort of person who did everything 100%,” Mr Butt told the inquest. “Random sexual encounters, lots of girlfriends, drug taking and now that he has gone into Islam he wants to do it 100%.”…

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