WATCH: Arson jihad – incendiary balloons from Gaza spark fires in Israel

Israel’s “peace partners” went to work again on Friday in southern Israel. Have a look at what the virulently anti-Israel Bernie Sanders refers to as “peaceful protests.” Soon the Democrat Party debates will shift to foreign policy. Rest assured that the pro-jihad Sanders will justify this terror against Israel to appease his anti-Semitic constituents. The anti-Semitic Democrats want to reward this savagery with more money and statehood. #JEXODUS!

WATCH: Incendiary balloons from Gaza spark fires in Israel

Four fires ravaged Israel’s Gaza belt on Friday morning as a result of incendiary balloons from Hamas-ruled Gaza, notwithstanding a reported ceasefire.

WATCH: Dozens of balloons attached to explosives were sent yesterday by Hamas terrorists from Gaza towards Israeli communities, trying to attract innocent Israeli children and to burn agriculture fields.This is SICK- Hamas is leading the area to war.

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