J Street’s Antisemitic Tip Sheet to Debating Democrats

Pro-Israel Jewish Americans are being terrorized across the United States. Unfortunately that did not prevent the J-Street kapos from forwarding the debating Democrats a tip sheet on how to slander Israel. Despicable, but not a surprise. The Soros funded J-Street is perhaps the most dangerous anti-Israel hate group in the United States

The continued ascension of J-Street represents a profound defeat for AIPAC, and is indicative of just how terribly AIPAC is being managed. For over a decade AIPAC has largely ignored the propaganda that J-Street has spewed about Israel. Today AIPAC is paying the price for their cowardice, since much of the Democrat Party wont be caught dead at their policy conference.

J Street’s Tip Sheet to Debating Democrats: Talk about Settlements and Occupation

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By David Israel, Jewish Press, David Israel:

The first debate of the 2020 presidential election season is taking place in downtown Miami over two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, this week, with 20 Democratic candidates. If you opted not to watch the first debating team last night, we’ll tell you that according to CNN, Senators Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren, and former San Antonio mayor Julián Castro were the winners, and Beto O’Rourke the clear loser (they said he was “hard to watch” and “out of his depth,” ouch). Tonight’s match will include the leaders of the pack so far, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who between them have 155 years of wisdom to share with the American people.

Ben Shnider, Vice President of Political Affairs and Strategy at J Street, sent all the Democratic candidates in both debates a well thought out memo chock full of debate tips regarding how to deal with questions from the Miami audience regarding Israel.

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