France: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” attack police station with paving stones and pyrotechnic devices

The conventional wisdom is that these “youths” will become loyal, productive French citizens if they’re given enough money and sufficient access to social services. Surely that will work, won’t it?

“A police station in the Eure attacked by youths shouting ‘Allah Akbar,’” translated from “Un commissariat de l’Eure attaqué par des jeunes aux cris d’«Allah Akbar»,” by Etienne Jacob, Le Figaro, June 29, 2019 (thanks to David):

EXCLUSIVE – Fifteen people launched projectiles, pyrotechnic devices and cobblestones on the police station south of Rouen, on the night of Thursday to Friday, insulting officials who came to defend the scene.

The scene is impressive. On the night of Thursday to Friday, the Val-de-Reuil-Louviers police station (Eure), south of Rouen, was stormed by a gang of young people. Around two o’clock in the morning, about fifteen hooded individuals attacked the establishment by launching numerous projectiles and also firing mortars, according to police reports consulted by Le Figaro. On the video surveillance images that we were able to consult, we saw two guards trying to contain the shooting of the attackers using riot shields. In shirts, the officials did not seem at all prepared for such an assault. Smoke, “pyrotechnic elements” of all colors and paving stones were thrown at the police.

Individuals seemed determined to enter the police station. Their attacks lasted for about half an hour, both against the officials and the building. They responded with tear gas…Around 2:30, calm finally returned. No officer was injured, some material damage was found: three windows were hit, and a vehicle was damaged.

“Come out, we’re going to burn you up”

…A complementary police report, consulted by Le Figaro, indicates that several officials heard cries of “Allah Akbar” during the assault. “Strip the French fuckers”, “Come out we are going to burn you”, chanted the suspects before fleeing, says the same document. On the spot, the remains of 115 projectiles were found, one specifies….

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