Iran: Head of judiciary says Yemen and other countries all the way to Africa are Iran’s “strategic extension”

Note in this video the screams of “Death to America!” “Death to England” “Death to the hypocrites and the infidels!” “Death to Israel!”

But remember: the Islamic Republic had been rendered benign and cuddly by Barack Obama, until Trump came along and ruined everything. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.”

“Head of Irani’s [sic] Judiciary Branch Ebrahim Raisi: We Define Yemen and the Countries of the Region all the Way to Africa as Our ‘Strategic Extension,’” MEMRI, June 27, 2019:

Ebrahim Raisi, the Head of Iran’s Judiciary Branch, said in a June 27, 2019 event at Tehran University commemorating 150 anonymous soldiers who were killed in the Iran-Iraq war that Iran’s “strategic extensions” are Yemen, Middle Eastern countries, and every place in the world where people demand their rights, talk about justice, and stand up to arrogance. He said that the “blessed hand” that pressed the trigger and shot down the American drone on June 20, 2019 proved that Iran does not hesitate in its resistance or its steadfastness against the enemy. Raisi emphasized that Iran sees America as its main enemy, that it opposes the Zionist regime with all its might, and that it is ready to “make them regret everything in the battlefield.” Raisi’s speech aired on Ofogh TV (Iran).

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