Indonesia: State universities allowing students who memorize the Quran to skip entrance tests

Right before Indonesian elections in May, “Koran teachers linked to the campaign of defeated Indonesian presidential challenger Prabowo Subianto instructed teenagers to take part in… deadly riots in Jakarta.” In fact a “constitutional jihad” was being stoked in the country. Indonesia’s current president, Joko Widodo who managed to hold on to his leadership, was slammed by his opponent Subianto for not being sufficiently Islamic; and “accused of not being able to recite the Koran in proper Arabic.”

The battle to make Indonesia more Islamic is being embraced by state universities.  Now comes word that “memorizing the Quran” is fast tracking students into Indonesian state universities, allowing them to skip entrance tests.

“In Indonesia, memorizing Quran gets some students into university”, International Quran News Agency (thanks to The Religion of Peace), July 3, 2019:

For some youths in Indonesia, reading is a virtue that goes hand-in-hand with religiosity. Taught to read the Quran when they were children, some have grown up memorizing up to 30 chapters of it. Now some universities are valuing their hard work.

State universities are offering test-free entrance to hafiz (Quran memorizers) through their “achievement path” programs, in which high-achieving students in academic and arts fields can skip the regular joint entrance tests and university-administered entrance tests.

The program can account as high as 11 percent of the seats provided by each university……

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