Australia: Town cancels annual Fun Run over high costs of guarding against jihad massacre

Maybe the terrorists have won.”

Indeed. But that is attributable more to the willful ignorance and fecklessness of non-Muslim leaders than to their strength or ingenuity.

“‘Maybe the terrorists have won’: Country town’s annual fun run is cancelled due to the high costs of guarding against a TERROR attack,” by Alana Mazzoni, Daily Mail Australia, July 7, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A country town has been forced to axe their annual fun run as the costs to protect against a potential terror attack are too high.

The rural town of Bendigo, in country Victoria, won’t be putting on their yearly fun run in November as planned due to safety concerns.

A large chunk of the cost for setting up the run would come from the installation of concrete bollards – which are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

‘We are disappointed that this great event is being cancelled but safety is the number one priority,’ Bendigo Health chairman Scott Elkington told the Bendigo Advertiser.

He said after costs for anti-terrorism measures are added together, the event would no longer be feasible….

A disgruntled Bendigo resident told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell that he’s disappointed in the decision to cancel the fun run.

‘It sort of feels to me as though maybe they’ve already won if we’re going to be insistent on hiding behind concrete bollards,’ he said….

Last year’s run raised more than $86,000 for Bendigo Health, meaning the local hospital will be missing out on much needed funding this year.

The Bendigo Bank Fun Run has been running for 12 years, and last year attracted more than 2000 participants.

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