Indonesia: Mosques used to store crystal meth and serve as pickup points for drug smugglers

Jihadists have used drugs to fund their efforts for years. Years ago, in his study of the Taliban, journalist Ahmed Rashid reported: “Abdul Rashid, the head of the Taliban’s anti-drugs control force in Kandahar, spelt out the nature of his unique job. He is authorized to impose a strict ban on the growing of hashish, ‘because it is consumed by Afghans and Muslims.’ But, Rashid tells me without a hint of sarcasm, ‘Opium is permissible because it is consumed by kafirs [unbelievers] in the West and not by Muslims or Afghans.’ This seems to have been a common view among the Taliban. Another Taliban named Khaled asked, ‘Who cares if heroin is wreaking havoc in the West? It doesn’t matter; they aren’t Muslims.’”

“Mosque used to store meth,” Jakarta Post, July 3, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Police are investigating a new drug trade practice of using mosques to securely store sabu-sabu (crystal methamphetamine).

The practice was uncovered after the police arrested a man they called D on June 27 in a parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Pondok Pucung, Pondok Aren district, South Tangerang, where he allegedly planned to carry out a transaction.

Police claim they confiscated 12.5 grams of meth from the suspect.

The police said they discovered that he had kept the meth in a mosque in Cinere, Depok, West Java.

D was reportedly only assigned to pick up the meth from the toilet of the mosque on Wednesday at 9.30 p.m. by a man that police identified as Ali, who is still at large.

Police said on the next day D went to the restaurant parking lot to hand the meth over to another unknown person. At that moment the Cilandak Police arrested D.

“Yes, that’s what we’ve been investigating: There’s a drug smuggling practice [using mosques as pickup points],” said Cilandak Police chief Sr. Comr. Kasto Subki as quoted by on Tuesday….

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