South Korean soldier converts to Islam, tries to join ISIS, buys machete and plots jihad massacre

Yet again a convert to Islam gets the idea that his new, peaceful religion commands him to commit treason and mass murder. Yet nowhere in the world are any officials moved to study this phenomenon and try to devise ways to counter it.

“South Korean man sought to join ISIS, planned terror attack while in army,” Straits Times, July 6, 2019:

SEOUL (THE KOREA HERALD/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – A 23-year-old South Korean man is under investigation for allegedly seeking to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group, and preparing for a terrorist attack while he was serving in the army.

It marks South Korea’s first case of a “lone wolf” terrorist act being planned.

The man surnamed Park, 23, was found to have stolen an ignition device for explosives while being trained at an army engineer school after joining an infantry unit near Seoul in October 2017, broadcaster KBS reported.

He allegedly propagated and instigated ISIS terrorist activities by collecting videos and materials of the group’s acts and uploading them on the Internet from 2016 until recently.

A video showing how to make live ammunition was found on Park’s mobile phone, and a machete, or a broad blade that looks similar to the weapon often used by terrorists, which he bought online was found at his home.

A joint team of investigators from the military and police also reportedly found that Park installed a secret app used by ISIS members and supporters on his mobile phone, and received an e-mail from a person believed to be an ISIS member on how to join the terrorist group….

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