IfNotNow campaigns to highlight occupation in U.S 2020 elections.

Anti-Israel hate groups will be very active in the Democrat Party’s presidential primary. However, anti-Israel “Jewish” groups such as IfNotNow, J-Street, and Jewish Voice for Peace will naturally gravitate to their fellow kapo: The utterly despicable anti-Semite Bernie Sanders. You see, Bernie Sanders gives such groups the greatest chance to enact their agenda. That agenda is the vilification and delegitimization of the Jewish state of Israel in the United States.

It is shocking that American Jewish groups continue to allow Bernie Sanders to go on his anti-Israel crusade unchallenged. Even strong pro-Israel groups such as StandWithUS, The Israel Project, The Republican Jewish Coalition, and the Zionist Organization of America have not taken significant action in confronting Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is the Jeremy Corbyn of the United States. Jewish groups in the UK have been united in attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Jewish groups in the United States must do the same before it’s too late. American Jewry has perhaps never faced a greater threat than a Bernie Sanders presidency. Significant action must be taken.

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So after tweeting about this, I got a negative comment that said “being popular doesn’t mean you win.” OK, but if my candidate is the most popular AND is defining the agenda for the party – I’ll take that any day of the week. )And btw, Bernie’s gonna win this thing.)

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IfNotNow campaigns to highlight occupation in 2020 elections.

The organization has formed a new non-profit branch to highlight its message. :

The radical IfNotNow US-based organization that campaigns against Israel’s control of the West Bank has formed a new non-profit branch to highlight its message during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The organization stated that Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians was a moral concern for the US Jewish community and alleged that allegations of antisemitism are manipulated to fight those who oppose Israel’s policies.

“IfNotNow, which is led by young American Jews, has spent the past 4 years organizing in the American Jewish community and opened this 501(c)4 in order to expose the occupation as a moral crisis within the American Jewish community, end the weaponization of antisemitism in the political debate over Israel, and create political space for leaders who will stand up for the freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians,” the organization said in a statement to the press announcing its new branch.

On Saturday, members of the IfNotNow election campaign met Sen. Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates to be the Democratic nominee for the presidency, and took a picture together with him, holding a poster stating “Jews against the occupation.”

The group has brought six full-time fellows to live in New Hampshire and spend the summer publicly confronting candidates during their events about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, with Saturday’s photo-op being the first.

IfNotNow is perhaps best known for its campaign of conducting walk-offs from Birthright trips, in which several participants demonstrably walked out of a Birthright group while being live-streamed by a fellow IfNotNow campaigner, in protest at what it describes as Birthright’s refusal to address the Israel-Palestinian conflict on its trips.

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