Canada: Under barrage of criticism, Toronto church cancels event honoring jihad terrorist

e Jerusalem Post ran the article: B’nai Brith Canada Slams Church For Assisting Event Honoring PFLP Terrorist. The article quoted one critic of the event saying that “churches should be places of peace, not places where violence and/or terror are glorified.” Jihad Watch picked up the story: “Church provides space for event honoring “Palestinian” terrorist responsible for jihad massacre.” Robert Spencer noted:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is ostensibly a Communist organization, but it is wholly aligned with the jihad force. Ghassan Kanafani was responsible for the murder of 17 Christians, as well as eight Israelis, but that doesn’t matter to the Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church. Being woke is ultimately a suicidal act, but at least the members of Trinity-St. Paul’s can congratulate themselves that they were never “racist” when their own time comes and their jihadi friends turn on them.

Justifiable outrage followed the church’s partnership with the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM).

According to PYM’s Facebook invitation, the event will “be an evening of spoken word, music, and food to celebrate the artistic and cultural contributions of Palestinians in the diaspora and showcase the winners of the Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Scholarship in this years anthology entitled ‘We feel a country in our bones.’”

Facing stinging criticism, the Church canceled its partnership with the PYM. B’nai Brith reported: “We are relieved that the Church eventually came to the correct decision, to help prevent the shameful glorification of a terrorist.”

Then there came to my attention a reaction to this entire turn of events: someone who knows the minister at  Toronto’s Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church was shocked that all this had happened because the minister is such a “nice” person. She probably is, but she was willing to ally herself with a cause that supports jihad terror, and an event that glorifies a well-known and well celebrated jihad terrorist.

Let’s pause for a moment and ponder the fact that many “nice” Westerners are complicit in the global jihad. Without these “nice” people’s collective efforts, the jihad would be stymied in the West. It is necessary to focus on the threat jihadists pose (stealth and violent), but we need to pay attention to those Westerners whose backs jihadists are riding on in their efforts to deceive and subvert the West.

I went to the Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church website. The church describes itself as “A community of faith, justice and the arts,” but when it partners with a jihad-driven cause responsible for the murders of innocent Israelis — including 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, who was stabbed to death as she slept in her bed, and 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, whose murder was so gruesome that there was a virtual media blackout on it — how could such a church honestly describe itself using such terms as “faith” and “justice”? “Ghassan Kanafani was responsible for the murder of 17 Christians, as well as eight Israelis.” Palestinian jihad murderers are deemed to be “holy” martyrs, and their families are paid cash to wage their jihad.

The minister of Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church is the Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, who is also host of the Radical Reverend Radioshow. Before arriving at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church, DiNovo was a member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament. “In her 11 years at Queen’s Park, Cheri passed more Private Member’s Bills than any other MPP in Ontario’s record,” and she also has “passed more pro-LGBTQ legislation than anyone in Canadian history.” Also: “Prior to her election, she performed the first legalized same-sex marriage in North America.”

Gays are regularly murdered in sharia states, in the cruelest of ways. This fact also somehow got missed by DiNovo and other “nice” Western supporters of the Palestinian “movement,” which is driven by jihad. B’nai Brith noted:

“That being said, this story is not over. We will continue to investigate how a youth scholarship named after a notorious terrorist is permitted to function in Canada and the United States, and take all possible steps to thwart it.”

For any Christian Church, given a mandate of love and peace, to support a cause driven by jihad terror is beyond the pale, and for any so-called defender of “human rights” to do the same is reprehensible. Lack of vital knowledge about the Palestinian jihadi agenda, when information is so abundantly and readily available, is no excuse. All Western authorities and citizens need to be investigating how any jihadist and jihad-linked group is allowed to be functioning in Canada and the United States. For starters: the “Islamophobia” battering ram serves to protect the jihad as it promotes its victimology propaganda that manipulates “nice” leftists and strikes terror into the heart of disbelievers.

“Toronto Church Cancels Event Honouring Terrorist”, B’nai Brith Canada, July 7, 2019:

TORONTO – A Toronto church has cancelled a previously scheduled event that would have honoured a Palestinian terrorist, following a campaign by B’nai Brith Canada.

On July 13, Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church was set to provide space for the “Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Scholarship Launch,” organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM). Kanafani was a leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terrorist entity in Canada, and helped to organize a 1972 attack on Israel’s main airport that left 26 civilians dead.

On Friday, B’nai Brith called on Canadians to condemn the Church’s refusal to call off the event, and circulated a petition to that effect.

Late on Friday night, B’nai Brith received a letter from the Board of Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church, revealing that “The Board has elected to cancel the event.”….

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