Sweden: Muslim migrant children beat and threaten to rape Swedish children, tenant union warns of xenophobia

“The ones who cause the problems and violence are children of new-coming migrants.”

No information is given in this article about the identity of those migrants, but most of the migrants who are coming to Sweden now are from Syria, Eritrea, Iran, and Afghanistan. Also, the rape threats and rock throwing recall the mass rapes of non-Muslim women in Europe by Muslim migrants, and the throwing of rocks by “Palestinian” Muslims and others.

The reaction of the Swedish Union of Tenants in Grums is also characteristic, in this case of the response of Western non-Muslim authorities to jihad violence and related activity: lecturing the victims about “xenophobia” rather than doing anything about the perpetrators. “The ones who cause the problems and violence are children of new-coming migrants. That is why neighbours start to make connections between the problems and xenophobic views.”

“Migrant child gang puts fear into neighbours – Swedish children scared to go outside,” Voice of Europe, July 8, 2019:

Rape threats, beating with clubs, throwing rocks. The last year’s ordeal for the neighbours in a small vicinity of Grums, Sweden, is more and more turning into a nightmare. A child gang consisting of 8-12 year old migrants puts the neighbourhood in such a fear that Swedish children no longer go outside and play.

Tenants in an area in the small municipality of Grums in Värmland, Sweden are too afraid to let their children go outside since a gang of 8-12 year old migrants started to harass the vicinity last summer.

Mothers Kajsa and Malin live in the neighbourhood. “They have thrown rocks, beated kids up with steel pipes and sticks until they’ve started to bleed. The worst one was a strangling grip which resulted in marks on the child’s neck. But it’s also about sexual threats: “I’m gonna sex you” or “I’m gonna rape you”, Malin says to the Swedish Union of Tenants newspaper, Hem och Hyra.

Tenant union fears increasing racism

Malin and Kajsa contacted the local Swedish Union of Tenants in Grums for help. The tenant union wrote a letter to the local Police department, the social services and the housing company Grumsbostäder, in which the union demands action against the escalating situation. The union focuses on fear of escalating racism and segregation in its letter.

“The ones who cause the problems and violence are children of new-coming migrants. That is why neighbours start to make connections between the problems and xenophobic views. In the long term, this will result in a very segregated vicinity where neighbours speak in terms of “us and them”, which will escalate if this is not stopped very soon”, the Union writes in its letter.

No police report

No one has filed a police report yet, despite the violence and seriousness such as bruises on children’s necks. At a recent meeting between the tenants, the union and the Police, some tenants thought that it would be impossible to report children as young as eight and that the Police would laugh at them.

Grums local Police officer Lennart Hynynen is very troubled by the incidents.

“I don’t have all the facts yet but from what I’ve heard, it is very disturbing. In all my years as a Police man, I have never experienced that so young people go together and threaten people like this and act this violently.

Fear of retaliation

Tenant Malin says that the situation is beyond control and that her daughter is becoming more and more frightened to leave the apartment.

“One of my girls cry at night and want us to go to our trailer because she’s so scared. And we cannot tell them to stop either, out of fear for revenge. They will but trash in our letterboxes or attack my children even more when I’m not around. Or, if you tell them to stop, they show a lot of attitude. As an adult, to get spitted upon in the face and being told “I’m not listening to you because you’re a woman” and to be called words I never use, that is extremely offensive. It might sound strange for someone who has not experienced it, but you kind of lose everything when a child does such things to you and you don’t know what to do”, Malin says….

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