UK: BBC calls two Muslims arrested for jihad terror plotting “two men from Bradford”

The BBC is not alone. The establishment media in the US as well as in the UK does everything it can to cover up the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism. An uninformed person who reads the BBC article will get the idea that Mohammed Shehzad and Safaan Ali are one-off “lone wolves,” and not part of an international movement. The BBC never speaks honestly or directly about that movement.

The government is just as out of focus. We constantly see jihad terrorists such as these two “men from Bradford” arrested and charged in criminal court. That makes as much sense as the British army during World War II trying every German prisoner of war individually in civilian court. But to act as if this is what it is — a world war — would require the government to admit realities it would prefer to ignore.

“Two men from Bradford charged with terrorism offences,” BBC, July 10, 2019:

…Police said Mohammed Shehzad, 21, and Safaan Ali, 18, both from Bradford, were arrested on Tuesday.

Mr Shehzad, of Upper Woodlands Road, is charged with disseminating terrorist publications.

Mr Ali, of Fairbank Road, faces eight counts of possessing material likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

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