Malaysia: Bomb threats from anti-Shia Sunni Muslims force cancellation of seminar about ending Muslim sectarianism

Here is yet another example of why we don’t see more sincere Muslim reformers.

“‘Anti-Shia’ bomb threats force organisers in Malaysia to cancel seminar about ending Muslim sectarianism,” by Amy Chew, South China Morning Post(thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Organisers of a seminar on the Amman Message – a declaration by Muslim leaders around the world to end sectarianism in Islam – have called off the event in Malaysia after receiving bomb threats by supporters of an “anti-Shia” movement.

The threat exposes the rising militancy against the Shia minority in multicultural Malaysia that has inspired fear among that segment of the community.

The seminar was expected to take place in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

The Amman Message, initiated by Jordan’s King Abdullah II in 2004, recognises the validity of all eight Islamic schools, including Sunni and Shia, the two largest denominations in the Muslim world.

A Facebook page, called Movement To Eliminate Shia, on July 6 shared a message encouraging its supporters to “make a bomb and throw it at the event”, leading the organisers to cancel the seminar.

The page was created less than three months ago and has more than 18,700 followers.

Another Facebook page, called the Anti-Shia Movement, has over 133,000 followers, underscoring the depth of animosity towards the minority Shia Muslim community in Malaysia.

“There are groups who perceive the forum as the platform to spread Shia [teachings] in Malaysia. They reacted strongly. For them, this [seminar] is a provocative act as Malaysia is a Sunni state,” said Ahmad El-Muhammady, lecturer from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. “It may escalate into violence.”…

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