Cyprus Releases Israelis Teens FALSELY Accused of Gang Rape, Accuser Arrested

It’s open season on Jews. When from Israel they’re Israelis, When from Islamic countries they’re ‘youths’.

The false accuser should receive a sentence as severe as the crime she falsely accused these boys of.


  • Cypriot police said the seven men still held on suspicion of rape would be freed 
  • Their release follows five other Israeli accused men who walked free Thursday 
  • The British woman is now expected to appear in court for making false claims 

The Israeli teenagers who were accused of gang-raping a British woman hugged their relieved families this afternoon following their release after their accuser backtracked on her original story.
And in a dramatic development in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, the 19-year-old woman has been arrested for making false allegations about the men.
She had alleged that 12 Israelis had raped her in a hotel room, leading to their arrest.
Five were released on Thursday following 

extensive DNA testing and the remaining seven have been released today after the woman ‘changed her story’.
The Briton, who has not been named, is expected to appear in court on Monday.

he seven Israeli teens still held in Cyprus on suspicion of rape have now been freed (pictured outside the police station today)

The men (seen hugging each other and their families) were accused of gang raping a 19-year-old British woman

Police sources said she had retracted her statement after being further questioned by detectives over the weekend following the examination of further DNA results.
Doubts about her story began after one of the teens she identified as taking part in the gang rape was able to prove he was in bed with his girlfriend who had taken a selfie.
A police spokesman in Nicosia said:’ A 19 year old woman has been arrested on suspicion of making false allegations ‘
Yaniv Habari, a lawyer for some of the now freed men, told MailOnline: ‘The woman has changed her story. Those in custody will be released and allowed to leave.’
He said the accuser ‘regretted what she said and now she’s being interrogated, and most likely she will be referred to court tomorrow.’

aniv Habari, a lawyer for some of the now freed men said the parents of the remaining seven men were just informed and ‘were obviously very happy and they want to get their children back as soon as possible’He added that parents of the remaining seven men were just informed and ‘were obviously very happy and they want to get their children back as soon as possible.’Habari also saidsaid that his clients ‘will take action, civil action’ against their accuser.Three of the men admitted having sex with the British woman and said it was consensual. The others all denied rape.Five of the 12 were released without charge on Thursday when there was no DNA evidence to link them to the alleged sex attack at the Pambos Napa hotel in Ayia Napa.The woman had claimed she agreed to sex with one of the men but was held down by others and raped in the early hours of the morning.

Five Israeli teenagers accused of gang-raping a 19-year-old British woman in Aiya Napa olast week were released and flown home to Israel on Thursday. The remaining seven are now due to be released todayAll 12 of the accused made a brief court appearance at a court in the town of Paralimni.Lawyer Nir Yaslovitzh. Who represents two of the accused, said: ‘As I claimed throughout, there was no rape in Cyprus,’‘The youths who went on a vacation that became a nightmare will return to their homes today. All of them will return home to their families.

>’Cypriot police carried out a professional and thorough investigation.’

Police sources said the woman is suspected of filing a false complaint against the Israelis because they filmed her during the sex acts without her permission.

A legal source told MailOnline that the woman has changed her story and the men (pictured being led into court) will be free to go

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