India: Muslims plotted to poison food offered in Hindu temple that is consumed by at least 40,000 devotees

Jihad poisoning plots are not new. Al-Qaeda has long considered the contamination of food as a jihad mass murder tactic. And in 2017, the Islamic State called on Muslims to poison food in Western supermarkets

And it has happened at least twice in Britain:

UK: Shop-owners sold chocolate cake sprinkled with human feces

UK: Muslim who sprayed food with feces and urine can’t be deported


Food jihad? Muslim woman puts needles in meat in Canada

We also know that jihadis have long wanted to poison the water supply. As far back as 2002, the feds arrested two jihadis who were carrying plans about how to poison water supplies. In 2003, al-Qaeda threatened to poison water supplies in Western countries. In 2011, a jihadi in Spain likewise planned to poison water supplies.

And in May 2013, seven Muslim “chemical engineers” were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir, a key supply of water for Boston, after midnight. Only months later and indirectly did we hear that it was a “criminal matter.” A month later, locks were cut at the aqueduct that supplies water to Greater Boston.

Also in May 2013, jihadists were caught in Canada who had considered poisoning air and water to murder up to 100,000 people. In October 2013, the FBI was investigating a possible water supply threat in Wichita. In January 2014, a Muslim broke into a water treatment plant in New Jersey.

“Maharashtra ATS foiled terrorists’ bid to poison ‘mahaprasad’ at Mumbreshwar temp,” by Vijal Singh, Zee News, July 25, 2019:

The Maharashtra anti-terror squad has foiled a plot by terrorists to poison the ‘mahaprasad’ of the famous Mumbreshwar Mahadev temple in Thane district. A terror suspect named Talha Potrick has hatched the conspiracy to poison the prasad.

The Maharashtra ATS got the information about the plot during the questioning of 10 suspects, who allegedly had links with dreaded terrorist group Islamic State. The information was furnished by the ATS in the chargesheet against them filed on Monday.

According to the chargesheet, an attempt was made to poison the prasad during ‘Srimad Bhagwat Katha’, which was organised at the 400-year-old temple in December 2018. However, they could not succeed in their attempt.

The ATS has also claimed that the arrested suspected were in touch with Zakir Naik.

The day when the suspects planned to poison the prasad, it was consumed by at least 40,000 devotees. The suspects intended to cause heavy casualty by putting their plan in action….

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