Belgium and France investing in drones to track illegal Muslim migrants

Belgium “struggles to manage its burgeoning Islamic scene,” which features clashes between “Muslim factions and Belgian society.” And now, Belgian police are investing in “a new project using drones to track the movements of illegal Muslim migrants along the coastal region.” France also announced in March that it “investing in drones to monitor the English Channel for illegal migrants,” mostly from Iran.

The Belgian government has wrestled for years with the problems caused by Muslim migrants. In 2017, Belgium was criticized for inviting “officials from the brutal Sudanese dictatorship to Brussels to identify migrants and provide documents for their forced return to the country.”

Drones are one way to manage national security that is threatened by out-of-control Muslim migration, but managing these nations’ borders would have been the most sensible approach to begin with.

“Belgium to Invest 80k Euros in Drones to Track Migrants,” by Chris Tomlinson,

The Belgian police are investing around 80,000 (£73,100) euros into a new project using drones to track the movements of illegal migrants along the coastal region.
The investment will go towards one large and two smaller drones and will be used to monitor the coastline between La Panne and Nieuwpoort near the French border, Belgian French-language newspaper Le Soir reports.

The most expensive drone that is to be bought by the police is said to be able to travel at around 40 miles per hour and can fly to an altitude of around half a mile, but will be limited to 300 feet due to security concerns.

Along with tracking the movements of illegal migrants, the drones will also be used to search local beaches for missing children, missing elderly, and locate people who may potentially be drowning in the sea.

The initiative comes after neighbouring France announced in March that they would also be investing in drones to monitor the English Channel for illegal migrants.

The French gendarmes said they would be training eight drone pilots in the Pas-de-Calais region and they would be supported by helicopter teams along with patrol boats operating in the sea itself.

Illegal migration across the English Channel has seen a resurgence in the last year with dozens of small boats attempting the crossing in early July….

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