Germany: Migrant who killed 8-year-old by pushing him onto tracks was hailed as “example of successful integration”

This Eritrean migrant may or may not have been a Muslim, and there is no indication at this point that this was an act of jihad. Nonetheless, it has disquieting implications for the advance of the jihad in Germany, for it indicates that German authorities don’t have a clue about what exactly constitutes “successful integration.” Will they be capable of spotting the danger signs among those “well integrated” Muslims who may be plotting jihad? Almost certainly not.

“Frankfurt: Alleged perpetrator was considered an ‘example of successful integration,’” translated from “Frankfurt: Mutmaßlicher Täter galt als ‘Beispielfall für gelungene Integration,’” Wochenblick,

The alleged perpetrator of the ICE murder in Frankfurt was cited in publications as a “case example for successful integration.”

In 2006, the 40-year-old from Eritrea illegally traveled to Switzerland. He was granted asylum two years later. He was considered “well integrated.”

The man was no stranger to police. Already on 25 July he is said to have become violent. He is said to have threatened, strangled and locked up a neighbor in her apartment.

The mainstream media reported rashly about this terrible act, and at the beginning completely concealed the origin of the perpetrator.

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