Germany: Muslims spit on rabbi in anti-Semitic attack, UK’s Daily Mail blames the “far right”

Toward the end of this article, after warning people about anti-Semitism, this Daily Mail article starts talking about the “far right” Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, trying to prove that AfD is anti-Semitic. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Mail (the worst paper in the Western world) to bring up AfD in this article, as the anti-Semitic attackers here were not AfD members, but almost certainly Muslims and likely migrants. The bias is outrageous and the irony bitter, since the attackers here are precisely the kind of people that AfD is trying to keep out of Germany because of their manifest refusal to adopt Western values. The Daily Mail, instead of discussing Islamic anti-Semitism as it should, tries to pin this crime on the only group in Germany that is fighting against Islamic anti-Semitism.

“Rabbi is spat at by ‘two men speaking Arabic’ in anti-Semitic attack while on his way home from synagogue with his son in Berlin,” by Tim Stickings, Mailonline,

German police are investigating after a prominent Berlin rabbi was spat at on his way home from a synagogue.

Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal said he was insulted and sworn at by two Arabic-speaking men in Wilmersdorf, a district of Berlin, on Friday night.

He was walking past an apartment block with his son when the two men spat at him from inside the building, authorities say.

Police said today they are treating the incident as a religiously-motivated crime and are currently looking for suspects….

Community leader Gideon Joffe hailed Mr Teichtal as a ‘preacher of love’ and said he was an advocate for good relations between religious groups….

Calling on plain-clothes police to help escort worshippers to and from the synagogue, he added: ‘This incident shows how important it is to reinforce the fight against anti-Semitism with further practical measures.’

A mass influx of mostly Muslim refugees and migrants to Germany from 2015 drove the rise of the far-right and anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which since late 2017 has been the biggest opposition group in parliament.

Leading AfD members, aside from railing against Islam and multiculturalism, have also made comments that play down the Holocaust….

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