Ireland: Youth leader bows to Leftist mob, disavows conservatives associated with conference he attended

This is yet another episode in the Left’s ongoing efforts to rule any point of view other than their own beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse. The Irish Independent is still trying to hang Foley-Walsh by, among other things, association with Stephen Miller and me: “He said he did not support or endorse the views of Mr Miller or those of Robert Spencer, a previous speaker at YAF, who runs a website, Jihad Watch, and has written a book ‘Confessions of an Islamophobe.’”

Killian Foley-Walsh’s crime is that he went to a Young America’s Foundation conference. YAF is a mainstream and respected conservative organization, as evidenced by the fact that Vice President Pence and Senator Ted Cruz addressed the conference he attended. I wasn’t there and apparently Stephen Miller wasn’t either, but the Irish Independent uses the fact that I have spoken many times for YAF in the past, and apparently Miller has also, to intimidate Foley-Walsh into submission. Miller is a Trump adviser, and opposes same-sex marriage and abortion, which millions of Americans also oppose. Even Barack Obama opposed same-sex marriage before he didn’t.

Note also that the Irish Independent apparently thinks that even the simple act of running a website called Jihad Watch is something terrible — another manifestation of the Left’s attempt to demonize and silence all opposition to jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women and others. There is something wrong with keeping track of jihad activity? Would the Irish Independent similarly object to a website that tracked white supremacist activity? And apparently I need to explain to the irony-challenged people at the Irish Independent that Confessions of an Islamophobe is an ironic title, referring to the fact that essentially all opposition to jihad terror has now been stigmatized as “Islamophobia.” Is the Irish Independent in favor of the jihad murder of innocent civilians, the beating of disobedient women, and all the other atrocities sanctioned by Sharia? If not, they’re “Islamophobes,” too.

Killian Foley-Walsh should not have disavowed Miller or me, even if he disagreed with us. Yes, he is a young and inexperienced fellow, but at that YAF conference he attended he likely heard that the worst thing one can do in the face of Leftist intimidation is to cave in any way, and act as if the ruthless Inquisitors who are persecuting him have a point. He should have defended YAF and his decision to attend the YAF conference, and criticized the Independent for acting as if the positions of Miller and me, even if he disagreed with us, were ethically or morally unacceptable.

Instead, he caved. But he can’t really be faulted; he’s young and inexperienced. The Irish Independent should be ashamed of itself for this bullying of a callow youth.

“‘Entirely inappropriate’ – anger as Fine Gael Youth leader attends US right-wing conference,” by Hugh O’Connell

The president of Fine Gael’s youth wing has been criticised for attending a right-wing conservative youth conference in the US last week.

Young Fine Gael (YFG) president Killian Foley-Walsh, a member of Fine Gael’s ruling national executive, attended the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) conference in Washington DC last week along with YFG’s social media officer Chloe Kennedy.

Their attendance at the YAF conference has prompted criticism from a Fine Gael TD and caused disquiet within YFG, the party’s youth wing whose past members include Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

YAF’s mission is to groom future conservative leaders, according to the ‘New York Times’, which cited far-right White House adviser Stephen Miller among its alumni. Many members are opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage.

This year’s conference was addressed by US vice-­president Mike Pence and a number of conservative politicians, including former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

Mr Foley-Walsh, who said he was “strongly opposed” to abortion, posted a picture of himself with Mr Walker who has backed strict anti-abortion laws and has compared abortion to taking a baby home and killing it.

Fine Gael TD Noel Rock, who is also a member of YFG, said: “I don’t understand how any young person would want to align themselves with the present Republican administration – this certainly doesn’t represent the progressive Young Fine Gael members I know.”

Mr Foley-Walsh and Ms Kennedy said they attended the conference in a personal capacity and the trip was funded by themselves and the Edmund Burke Foundation, a conservative educational charity that advocates for market-based politics.

“I am in favour of same sex marriage and I am strongly opposed to abortion,” said Mr Foley-Walsh. “Fine Gael is a broad church and welcomes social conservatives as well as social liberals.”

He said he did not support or endorse the views of Mr Miller or those of Robert Spencer, a previous speaker at YAF, who runs a website, Jihad Watch, and has written a book ‘Confessions of an Islamophobe’….

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