Germany: Muslim desk clerk at Berlin Tegel Airport hurls anti-Semitic insults in English and Arabic at passenger

Meet the new Germany, same as the old Germany.

“Passenger insulted by anti-Semitic staff,” translated from “Fluggast soll von Personal antisemitisch beleidigt worden sein,” RBB24,

In a dispute at the Berlin Tegel airport, a passenger at a check-in desk was insulted in an anti-Semitic manner by a staff member. According to a presentation by a police spokesman on Saturday, the woman had finally excluded the Spaniard, who lives in Berlin, from the flight in the morning.

Before the insult, there had been a dispute between the parties on the payment for a piece of luggage. The 50-year-old, who, according to police, wanted to fly to the Spanish island of Menorca, was said to have been insulted by the woman in English and in Arabic. Further background to the incident was initially unknown…

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