Canada Allows Jihadi Who Stabbed Three Soldiers to Roam Free Despite ‘Significant Threat’ to the Public

Here is the latest on Ayanle Hassan Ali, and the apparently inexhaustible idiocy of Canadian authorities. My latest in PJ Media:

Good news: the top court in Canada’s most populous province, the Ontario Review Board, struck a strong blow against “Islamophobia” Wednesday when it declared, according to the Toronto Sun, that a young Muslim named Ayanle Hassan Ali was “now eligible for extensive forays into the community, despite remaining a ‘significant threat’ to the public.”

What could possibly go wrong? Only venomous “Islamophobes” could possibly object, right? After all, all Ayanle Hassan Ali did was stab three Canadian soldiers and explain that Allah told him to do it. How could anyone deny this fine young man the right to roam freely around Toronto, Hamilton, and other Ontario cities?

Only those “Islamophobes,” apparently. In mid-July, the Toronto Sun reported that efforts to have Ali attend Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, “have now been scuttled,” according to Ali’s psychiatrist, Dr. Gary Chaimowitz, “because the ‘unflattering’ media coverage led them to worry that Ali himself might be in danger from another student.”

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