Tlaib and Omar barred from Israel after all for “suspected provocations and promotion of BDS”

Well, there is certainly no doubt they would promote BDS in Israel. I’m not generally in favor of barring people from countries unless they’re involved in criminal activity, but in this case that’s exactly what Tlaib and Omar would have been involved in: encouraging the implacable and genocidal jihad against Israel.

Dana Weiss✔@danawt

It’s official: Israel will bar Congresswomen @RashidaTlaib and @IlhanMN from entering Israel due to “suspected provocations and promotion of BDS” at this time the final decision is been drafted and passed for comments before a press release. החדשות✔@NewsChannelIL#מבזק | כפי שנחשף בחדשות 12: חברות הקונגרס לא יורשו להיכנס לישראל @danawt16.5K3:49 PM – Aug 15, 2019 · IsraelTwitter Ads info and privacy9,054 people are talking about this

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