Local Philly mosque incited against police, planned riot to protest ‘terrorist’ Philly police

And cops were shot. We need mosque legislation.


By Vivek Saxena | Biz Pac Review, August 15, 2019 |

Hours before the standoff in Philadelphia, where six officers were injured while trying to apprehend an armed suspect, Muslim activists in the City of Brotherly Love were busy promoting an anti-cop rally that originally had been scheduled to occur Thursday.

“Join The Rally Against Terrorist Racist Phila. Police Officers,” reads a digital flier shared in a Facebook group for the Majlis Ash Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

“We will not tolerate those in service to us making terroristic and racist threats against Muslims or blacks on social media or elsewhere. We will not stand for this! Make our voices heard! All ages!”

In a report published after the New Zealand massacre earlier this year, The Philadelphia Inquirer described Majlis Ash Shura as “a coalition of imams and mosques that represents local Muslims.”

Moreover, the 190-year-old morning newspaper linked to the same Facebook page where the flier was originally spotted by conservative sleuths after the standoff in Philadelphia:

While the flier had been posted numerous times as of late, the most recent posting was made Wednesday at 3:04 pm, roughly an hour and a half before the standoff began. 

To be clear, there is no record of local Philadelphia officers making “terroristic and racist threats against Muslims or blacks on social media.” There is, however, a record of local officers posting allegedly “offensive” content to Facebook.

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“The Philadelphia Police Department will fire 13 officers who paired endorsements of violence with racism and homophobia in a slew of derogatory Facebook posts unearthed by an advocacy group,” The Washington Post reported late last month.

“The officers, one of whom was a sergeant, were among the 72 removed from street duty and placed on administrative leave in June, when the department announced its sweeping investigation into social media activity published by the nonprofit Plain View Project.”

The far-left nonprofit scoured the personal Facebook pages of police officers across the country in a bid to find “offensive” content worthy of a suspension or termination. It was successful.

“In Philadelphia, the Plain View Project identified some 3,100 offensive or potentially offensive posts from 328 active-duty police officers,” the Post’s report continues.

“Of that number, the most offensive were placed on leave while a department-hired law firm probed the matter, Commissioner Richard Ross said at a news conference. In addition to the officers that will be dismissed, four others will be suspended for a month.”

Included among the “offensive” posts were ones that called for “death to Islam,” referenced black suspects as “thugs,” and allegedly encouraged police brutality. It’s not clear that “death to Islam” should count as a “terroristic threat” against Muslims, given as it references an entire ideology, not the adherents of said ideology.

Screenshots of some of the other “offensive” posts may be seen below:

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