Germany: Muslim migrants plan jihad massacre with truck bomb

Danke, Merkel! Diversity is our strength! Anyone who opposes mass Muslim migration into Europe is a Nazi, right?

“Refugees Charged with Planning ‘Islamic Extremist Attack’ in Merkel’s Germany,” Associated Press, August 14, 2019:

BERLIN (AP) – German federal prosecutors say they’ve charged three Iraqi refugees with planning an Islamic extremist bombing.

Prosecutors said Wednesday Shahin F. and Hersh F. are accused of preparing an act of violence and Sarkawt N. of aiding them….

Prosecutors say they were planning “an Islamic extremist attack” but since they haven’t been linked to a specific organization they don’t face terrorism charges.

They allegedly ordered a detonator from Britain but never received it after authorities there arrested their contact.

After being unable to afford an illegal firearm, prosecutors say, they decided to carry out an attack using a truck bomb, and Shahin F. began taking driving theory classes….

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