UK: Muslim supermarket security guard joins the Islamic State, blows himself up in Syria

When Omar Hussein was hired at Morrisons, was he questioned as to his views regarding jihad violence? Of course not. That would have been “Islamophobic.” But what if a Muslim had shown up at the Morrisons where Omar Hussein worked who shared his views on Britain? Hussein said: “I hate the UK, the only reason why I would intend to return to the UK is when I want to come and plant a bomb somewhere.” If such a man had shown up at Morrisons with a bomb, would Hussein have stopped him from killing Infidels?

“ISIS BRIT’S ‘SUICIDE’ British jihadi who worked as Morrisons security guard ‘kills himself in ISIS suicide bombing in Syria,’” by Neal Baker, The Sun,

A BRITISH jihadi who worked as a Morrisons security guard before joining ISIS is believed to have killed himself in a suicide attack in Syria, it was revealed last night.

Omar Hussein – dubbed the Supermarket Jihadi – volunteered for the “martyrdom operation” in the Islamists’ besieged capital Raqqa, it’s understood.

He blew himself up as Western-backed Kurdish forces drove the terrorists out of the city in northern Syria, security sources told The Mail On Sunday.

Hussein fled the UK in 2013 to become one of the most high-profile British ISIS jihadis in Syria under the name Abu Saeed Al-Britani.

He had previously worked as a security guard at his local Morrisons supermarket in High Wycombe, Bucks.

His escape to Syria via Turkey was seen as a major blunder by British intelligence who had already flagged him as an extremist.

He had also been stopped from travelling to Syria just six months earlier.

Once in Syria, Hussain [sic], who would now be 32, became a prolific social media user as he attempted to groom and recruit ISIS followers.

He also ran a series of blogs in which he often complained about life in Syria – including how he missed his mum’s cooking, fish and chips and Jaffa Cakes.

Hussain [sic] also called for and praised terror attacks in the UK – as well as encouraging ISIS supporters to rob non-Muslims to fund the terror group.

He gained notoriety after giving an interview to the BBC in 2014 in which he told of his hatred for Britain.

He said: “I hate the UK, the only reason why I would intend to return to the UK is when I want to come and plant a bomb somewhere.”

In that interview he also admitted to carrying out beheadings in Syria and displaying severed heads as warnings.

Hussain [sic], who was one of only four British jihadis in Syria to be placed on a UN sanctions list, also called then-Prime Minister David Cameron a “despicable swine”….

Well, at least he got one thing right.

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