Jammu and Kashmir: Old video from Sri Lanka shared as attack on Muslim women

“War is deceit,” said Muhammad (Bukhari 4.52.268). Among “Palestinians” it’s a veritable art form. But other jihadis and their allies practice it as well.

“FAKE ALERT: Old video from Sri Lanka shared as attack on Muslim women in Kashmir,” Times of India,

A 30-second-long video was posted by Facebook page ‘Muslims of 21ST Century’ with the claim that it represents current situation of Kashmiri Muslim women in India.

The video shows a few burqa-clad women trying to save themselves from men throwing water at them.

“The situation of Muslims women in india right now. Where is Muslim Ummah, where is Peacekeepers. Our sisters are put to disgrace mercilessly, they hurting thier faith #PrayForKashmir #KashmirBleedsUNsleeps #HumanRightsWatch (sic),” reads the caption of the video shared on ‘Muslims of 21ST Century’ Facebook page….

The video has got nothing to do with Kashmir. The video is of an incident at Eastern University in Sri Lanka.

Times Fact Check had earlier fact-checked the same video in March this year, when it was going viral with another false claim. Self-proclaimed Soviet-Afghan war veteran Zaid Hamid had posted the video then claiming it shows how Muslims are treated in India.

Several Twitter users replied to Hamid’s tweet pointing out that his claim is false and that the incident took place in Sri Lanka….

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