Palestinian Authority still paying jihad terrorists, but Israel gives it $568,000,000

How many BDS activists in the U.S. know that Israel gives hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, and has actually agreed to give it billions, only withholding some to compensate for the fact that the PA uses some of the money to pay jihad murderers and their families? If Israel is completely destroyed by the BDS movement, who will pay the “Palestinians” then? You think that “Palestinian” jihadis will then lay down their arms and take up peaceful pursuits? No, if Israel were destroyed, the jihadis would be emboldened, and more active than ever against their secondary and tertiary targets.

“Palestinians agree to some tax transfers from Israel as cash crunch mounts,” 

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian Authority, in deep financial trouble since February over a tax crisis, said Thursday it had accepted a partial payment of just over half a billion dollars after reaching an agreement with Israel.

“An agreement was reached a few days ago with the Israeli side for transferring duties on oil and fuel which the Palestinian Authority bought in Israel to the amount of around two billion shekels ($568 million),” Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh told AFP.

The PA has seen its coffers shrink since cutting off tax transfers from Israel in February to protest Israel garnishing the transfers to offset payments to terrorists and their families. Israel says the policy encourages further violence, while PA President Mahmoud Abbas has insisted he receive all or nothing.

The money covers taxes on fuel that previously were routed through Israel, which collects some $190 million on taxes a month on behalf of Ramallah.

“Recovering this money will solve part of the financial crisis caused by the Israeli government’s freezing of Palestinian funds,” said Sheikh, while stressing that it was only part of the arrears due from Israel.

Sheikh said the underlying political dispute had not been resolved, as the PA insisted that it would continue to pay allowances for Palestinian prisoners and the families of those killed in conflict with Israel down to the “last cent.”

He said that representatives of Israel’s Defense Ministry were present during the recent negotiations.

Israel sees the stability of the West Bank as essential to its own security.

Observers are concerned that economic distress in the territory could feed radicalization of young Palestinians, already embittered by the lack of visible prospects for peace….

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