India: Jammu and Kashmir official says religion terrorists follow is “definitely not Islam”

Khan said this because Muslim leaders have told parents to keep their children out of school in protest against the changed status of Jammu and Kashmir. But in this he echoes the received view of the entire elite political and media class worldwide. Everyone in any position of power or influence worldwide, with very, very few exceptions, has decided that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. 36,000 jihad terror attacks since 9/11, all carried out in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, have not dissuaded them. But eventually Islam’s nature will be clear to everyone.

“What terrorists are following is “definitely not Islam”: J&K Guv Advisor Farooq Khan,” OneIndia,

Srinagar, Sep 15: Advisor to the Jammu and Kashmir governor, Farooq Khan, asked what type of religion are the terrorists following.

Khan said “it’s definitely not Islam” as threatening people against sending their children to schools is “the biggest disservice to Islam”. He said the terrorists want the public to remain illiterate.

Khan is a former administrator of Lakshwadeep and was brought in as the advisor to the Governor in view of his expertise on Jammu and Kashmir.

Khan has been given the charge of school education among other portfolios.

“What type of religion are they (terrorists) following. It’s definitely not Islam. The holy book begins with the word ‘ikra’ which means recite or to read…I wonder what type of Islam are these people preaching. It can be anything but not that,” Khan told PTI.

Asking children not to attend classes and warning parents against sending their wards to schools is the biggest disservice to Islam, Farooq Khan said.

His response came in the wake of situation in the valley where posters have appeared in Srinagar warning people to keep their children away from schools after the Centre abrogated Jammu and Kashmir’s special status last month.

“The terrorists want the public to remain illiterate so that they can control their mind,” the advisor….

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