Ireland: Court awards $8,265 to Muslim prof who says he was fired for defending female genital mutilation

Ali Selim apologized and condemned female genital mutilation, and claimed (where have we heard this before?) that “his comments had been misrepresented.” But what if Ali Selim had said on RTÉ that the root causes of Islamic terrorism were in the Qur’an and Hadith, and that Islam teaches warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers? Even if he had subsequently apologized and claimed his statements had been misrepresented, would he have been awarded €7,500 by the Labour Court? Of course not. But there is no Sharia-justified atrocity to which today’s political elites will refuse to ignore.

“Islamic spokesman awarded €7,500 by Labour Court after unfair dismissal,” by Seán McCárthaigh, Irish Times,

A leading figure in Ireland’s Muslim community has been awarded €7,500 by the Labour Court which ruled he was unfairly dismissed by Trinity College Dublin from his role as a part-time lecturer in Arabic.

Ali Selim, who is also spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, had appealed the level of compensation awarded by the Workplace Relations Commission in an earlier unfair dismissal action.

Dr Selim had sought reinstatement to his formal role or alternatively the maximum award of two years’ salary, which would amount to in excess of €18,000.

The commission had awarded him €4,000 for his unfair dismissal. It had also ordered TCD to pay €1,644 for non-payment of notice and €500 for not receiving his written terms of employment.

At a Labour Court hearing last month, Dr Selim claimed he had been fired from his teaching post following comments he made during an appearance on RTÉ in February 2018.

The academic, who was represented by the Irish Federation of University Teachers, claimed the university had contrived to make his position redundant after TCD Students’ Union had called for his dismissal.

Prime Time

During an interview on an edition of Prime Time, Dr Selim claimed female circumcision was acceptable in some cases.

The lecturer, who had worked in Trinity since 2010, subsequently apologised for his remarks and said he condemned female genital mutilation, which is illegal in Ireland, in the strongest terms. He also claimed his comments had been misrepresented.

TCD strenuously denied that Dr Selim’s dismissal was linked to his Prime Time appearance.

It claimed he had been made redundant as a result of a decision taken in January 2018 to create a new full-time post of assistant professor in Middle Eastern History, for which Dr Selim had applied but was unsuccessful….

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