Afghanistan: Taliban target election rally, murder 50 in jihad bombings, warn people not to vote or face death

Let’s sit down and negotiate with these charmers. What could possibly go wrong?

In reality, the Taliban, like the “Palestinians,” would only use negotiations to advance their jihad. Sitting down with them is entirely pointless.

“Afghanistan’s Taliban tells teachers, students to block presidential elections or risk death,” by Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Reuters, September 18, 2019:

KABUL, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgent group on Wednesday warned teachers, students and other education workers to avoid the upcoming presidential vote or risk dying in attacks on election centres.

“Do not allow election organisers to turn your schools and institutions into electoral centres, and teachers and students should not work as electoral staff,” said the Taliban statement.

“We do not want to cause the loss of lives and financial losses for civilians, teachers and students,” it said.

In 10 days, Afghanistan will hold its fourth presidential election since United States-led forces toppled the hardline Islamist Taliban from power in 2001. The insurgents have sworn to violently disrupt the vote, which comes in the aftermath of collapsed peace talks between the militants and the United States….

On Tuesday, Taliban attackers killed nearly 50 people in separate suicide bombings, one targeting an election rally for incumbent President Ashraf Ghani, who is seeking a second five-year term….

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