UK: Gay Muslim bemoans “Islamophobia” among LGBT groups, claims “no conflict” between Islam and homosexuality

29-year-old Joy Muhammad “is part of a group that wants to put on a UK festival to celebrate LGBT Muslim culture.”

Joy Muhammad declares that LGBT Muslims “all have different identities,” which is true. It is also true that it is Western culture that allows the full expression of what one deems to be his or her identity — from LGBTQ to zee, zir, two-spirited and much more — without threat. It is peculiar how Joy Muhammad defends her religion as being “tolerant” of her lesbian identity. Joy Muhammad complains: “There’s Islamophobia that we sometimes have to deal with within Pride and within LGBTQI communities,” because the LGBT Muslims are sometimes told to “choose between their sexuality and their religion.”

Joy Muhammad goes on to explain that she personally “doesn’t find any conflict between the two.” Really? She is perfectly free to proclaim herself as gay and Muslim, but Islamic teaching is clear that homosexual activity is worthy of death. There is plenty of “conflict between the two” identities.

There is a pattern among many Muslims who emigrate to the West:

  1. The primary identity of the individual is Islamic, such that he or she defends Islam no matter what, and attempts to shield it from criticism and free discussion that may be perceived as “offensive.”
  2. The secondary identity is whatever personal views he or she holds about his or herself and Islam. In Joy Muhammad’s case, she is gay and would like to believe in an Islam that accepts her identity, and so she proceeds to tell Westerners that Islam is diverse and that “we don’t just have one identity.” She skirts the fundamental issue. Peaceful Muslims are not the problem; Islam would not be any more an object of controversy than Hinduism or Buddhism if not for its abusive nature and long history. Normative Islam has ruled with intolerance for 1400 years, with the global jihad raging today. Islamic teachi9ngs continue to inspire the worst abuses, murder and attacks in which religious texts are invoked. No other religion has this issue.

Even the Washington Post published a piece about ten countries where homosexuality may be punished by death. The reason why is in these Islamic texts:

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.” — Abu Dawud 4462

“If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.” — Abu Dawud 4448

“The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, ‘Turn them out of your houses .’ The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.” — Sahih Bukhari 72:774

[Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.” — al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152

“May Allah curse him who does what Lot’s people did.” This is also repeated in three other places. — Reliance of the Traveller, p17.2

“if a man comes upon a man, then they are both adulterers,” “If a woman comes upon a woman, they are both Adulteresses,” “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes,” and “Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.” — Abu Dawud 4462 and al-Tirmidhi 1456

Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people. But the answer of his people was only that they said, “Evict them from your city! Indeed, they are men who keep themselves pure.” So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was of those who remained [with the evildoers]. And We rained upon them a rain [of stones]. Then see how was the end of the criminals. — Quran 7:80-84

Joy Muhammad and other Muslims who choose to be peaceful are not the problem, but they add to the problem by confusing the discourse in telling Westerners all about their own version of Islam, presenting it as the face of Islam and disowning the reality of normative Islam and the contents of their religious texts. Many also quote the positive earlier texts of the Quran, which were abrogated by the later texts according to normative Islamic teaching. Those who wish to see Islam changed are to be applauded, but deceiving others about what Islam is (and has been over 1400 years of bloody conquest and abuse) is not a good starting point.

Perhaps Joy Muhammad has forgotten or is unaware that over 11 million Muslims have been murdered by their coreligionists since 1948 for not being Muslim enough. Normative Islam — which a disturbing percentage of Muslims follow globally — calls for the death penalty for gays, the subjugation of infidels (or face death if refusing to be subjugated), death for apostasy, and death or barbaric punishments for a range of “sins.” It also sanctions wife beating, child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) (Reliance of the Traveller e4.3) and complete coverings of women (Quran 24:31, 33:59). The freedom of speech is nonexistent; speech that is deemed offensive to Islam or to Muslims in general, it is considered blasphemous and worthy of death.

What normative Islam is is self explanatory by observation of global events, and it can be easily be verified in the writings and speeches of the world’s foremost Islamic scholars and authorities of Saudi Arabia, Iran (which is governed by the highest Shia authority, the Ayatollah Khamenei), Turkey, Egypt, Al Azhar University in Cairo — Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university — and the Fiqh Council.

Joy Muhammad et al need to admit the truth about Islam to themselves and praise Western countries for their freedom to practice Islam however they wish. But Islam is not compatible with being gay, as she implies. Joy Muhammad also needs to appreciate the right of Westerners to criticize Islam as they see fit in defense of millions of victims of jihadists and Islamic supremacists everywhere.

“LGBT Muslim festival: ‘We don’t just have one identity,’” by Cherry Wilson and Michael Baggs, BBC News,

“I think we’ve earned a party,” says 29-year-old Joy Muhammad.

She is part of a group that wants to put on a UK festival to celebrate LGBT Muslim culture.

“We’ve had Bi Pride, we’ve had Black Pride, we have Trans Pride,” she tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“So now we’ve got Muslim LGBTQI Pride.

“It’ll celebrate the diversity within the BAME community and the LGBT community to show we’re not all the same, we don’t have just one identity.

“We all have different identities.”

Joy is a member of Imaan – a group of LGBT Muslims who are hoping to crowdfund £5,000 to put on the festival.

People involved with Black Pride and Trans Pride have previously told Newsbeat that their events are important because of abuse they’ve experienced within the LGBT community.

Joy says this happens to LGBT Muslims as well.

“There’s Islamophobia that we sometimes have to deal with within Pride and within LGBTQI communities,” she says.

“Not just at Pride, but within the queer community.”

But another issue some people in the LGBT Muslim community face is being told to “choose” between their sexuality and their religion.

“Not only with the Muslim community, but also with other religious communities, we’re being told to choose between our religion and our queer identity,” she says.

Joy says that she, personally, doesn’t find any conflict between the two.

But she feels the Muslim community’s attitude to any sexuality can make things difficult for some LGBT people.

“I wouldn’t openly discuss certain topics within the Muslim community – and sexuality is one of them,” she says…..

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