UK: Muslim of the Year nominee tells Kashmir rally “There’s only one solution, which is jihad. Just jihad.”

She now claims that concern is only being raised about this because she is “an outspoken woman in a headscarf.”

Of course. That must be it. It couldn’t possibly be because many Muslims will understand her to mean that they should wage war against unbelievers. Who ever heard of Muslims understanding the word “jihad” to mean that, you greasy Islamophobe? “The meaning of jihad is not a particular one meaning,” she says, firmly rejecting the possibility that any Muslims will think she is calling for violence. However, I suspect that if Ms. Farrukh heard a foe of jihad terror call for a “struggle” (which is the meaning of “jihad” in Arabic) against Sharia oppression, she would be charging him or her with incitement to violence in a hot minute.

“Muslim of the Year nominee is probed by police after she was filmed telling a rally ‘jihad is the only solution,’” by Claire Duffin and Amardeep Bassey, Daily Mail,

A prominent activist once nominated for a ‘British Muslim of the Year’ award is being investigated by police after she was filmed saying ‘jihad is the only solution’.

Sumaira Farrukh, 38, who has rubbed shoulders with Chancellor Sajid Javid and been pictured with Prince Charles, was filmed using the inflammatory word at a rally in Birmingham.

Mrs Farrukh, a businesswoman and journalist, spoke at a demonstration attended by hundreds demanding action over India’s plans to strip Kashmir of self-rule.

Mrs Farrukh is a strong campaigner for Muslim rights and regularly posts on social media….

Mrs Farrukh denied inciting violence by using the word jihad, saying it simply referred to a struggle, and she was being singled out because she was ‘an outspoken woman in a headscarf’.

In the video, she is seen on the steps of Birmingham’s Council House last month, telling supporters: ‘There is only one slogan for today. It is remove curfew from Kashmir.

‘Let them live their own lives – nothing more than that. And one thing to truth-tell to the Muslim community. There’s only one solution, which is jihad. No protest, nothing. Just jihad.’…

Asked about her comments yesterday, she said: ‘The meaning of jihad is not a particular one meaning.

‘If you have a problem with the Government of the UK and you want to raise your voice, the struggle is called jihad in the meaning of Islam. Muslims know the meaning of the word in that context.

‘Do you think I’m the kind of person who would use that word to encourage people to go and fight? I work with communities and the British military encouraging the Asian community to join the Army – how can I encourage violence?’

Asked if it was wise to use the word in the current climate, she said: ‘The people who are criticising me are the ones who don’t want a woman to speak out.

‘There are men saying we are going to get freedom with guns. People are chanting bad words, saying come out and fight, but they don’t get investigated. People always attack me because I’m an outspoken woman.’

She said she did not regret her choice of words, adding: ‘I’m very clear with my words. As a human, it is our responsibility to raise our voices for the people of Kashmir.

‘That is my meaning – stand up for the people who are suffering. Jihad is meaning struggle – the same meaning as if we are protesting outside 10 Downing Street.’…

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