After Paris jihad, “far-right groups may well fuel more hatred”

The Guardian doesn’t worry about the Islamic State presence in France. It isn’t concerned about how many Islamic State sympathizers are living in France now. It couldn’t care less how many more jihadis will enter France via the refugee crisis. No, the Guardian is only concerned about the sole matter that worries the Western intelligentsia: will “far-right groups” exploit this jihad massacre to “fuel more hatred”? I.e., will those who believe in free societies start calling attention to the jihad threat again?

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“Paris attacks leave France in trauma, fearing for the future,” by Natalie Nougayrède, Guardian, November 13, 2015:

Muslims in France will now increasingly fear being associated with fanaticism and terror. Populist, far-right groups may well fuel more hatred. After Charlie Hebdo, thousands of French soldiers were dispatched across the country to secure key installations, schools, train stations, institutions….

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