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“Change your Western mentality or I’ll get another wife:” Imams in Australia refuse to allow Muslimas to divorce their violent husbands

Polygamy is illegal under Australian law, but Islamic supremacists don’t care about that at all. The only thing that matters to them is Islamic law. The Qur’an allows polygamy, and Islamic law allows a man to divorce his wife just by saying “I divorce you” while making a woman who wants to divorce her violent […]

Momena Shoma had just arrived in Australia when she stabbed in the neck one of the members of a host family she was staying with, while he was sleeping. The 24-year-old Muslima from Bangladesh was wearing a burqa when she attacked her victim as he slept next to his five-year-old. Her family claims that she […]

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Sharia Austria: Father forbidden from entering hospital room of his sick daughter by veiled Muslim who shared room

Anywhere Western law and mores and Islamic law conflict, it is Western law that must give way. Austria: A father is forbidden to enter the hospital room of his sick daughter because it shares it with a Muslim burka that does not support the presence of any man. The father (56) of a sick young […]

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