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Fired CNN host Reza Aslan: “It’s time to treat Donald Trump as an enemy of the state”

Reza Aslan is academia’s Anwar Awlaki. Reza Aslan (more here and here) is the primary exemplar of the deceptive Islamic supremacist who is widely taken as a “moderate.” He has defamed my colleagues and me in the most obscene and deceitful terms. Robert Spencer writes that he is “thus a good illustration of how people […]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

This is what the future of the West looks like, unless we turn things around in a big way. Social media giants and mainstream media outlets are already disturbingly sharia-compliant. Just look at how Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc., are hounding and persecuting conservatives, and especially those who tell the truth about the threat of […]

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