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Allah Permisioned Rape & Murder: Muslim photographer raped & killed a non-Muslim model for saying no to sex

According to the police, Muzammil had known fashion model Dixit for a few days and found her attractive. “I called her on the pretext of a photoshoot and demanded to have sex with her. When she refused, I hit her on the head with a wooden stool,” Muzammil is stated to have told the police […]

India: Honering Murder Jihad: Large crowd of Muslims clap and cheer at court for Muslims who brutally murdered Hindu

“A video clip, that has gone viral on social media, shows Ramalingam resisting the proselytizing efforts of a Muslim man at Bhagyanathan Thoppu….Ramalingam was seen politely debating with the Muslims and trying to tell them that they were causing religious chaos in an otherwise harmonious area….At one point, he takes out the cap of a […]

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India: Food Poisoning Jihad: Police bust jihad plot to poison food and water

Police questioning in India of “nine persons picked up over the last three days by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad has indicated that the terror suspects may have been planning to poison food and water sources at public gatherings, investigators claimed.” There are no limits to the methods of murder and cruelty of jihadists. Along similar […]

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India: Muslims chop off hands of man who opposed their attempt to convert Hindus to Islam, he bleeds to death

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this […]

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Indian writer: “Why is the onus only on Hindus to accept Muslims and not the other way round?”

“We need an Indian, perhaps subcontinental, truth and reconciliation process. Muslims would acknowledge and disassociate themselves from the bloody and horrific history of the conquest of India. Hindus, in turn, would let go of their hurt and pain that can turn into retaliatory rage.” The bloody and horrific history of the jihad against India is […]

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India: Family forces woman to sleep with father-in-law to fulfill Islamic law

A Muslim woman from the Bareilly district in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was forced to sleep with her father-in-law for nikah halala, after her husband gave her instant triple talaq (“I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you” said thrice, and the wife is out in the cold). The Bareilly woman, […]

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India: Five Muslims arrested for murder of Hindu who opposed Muslim proselytizing, one is member of jihad group

The Popular Front of India has been linked to jihad terror activities. An update on this story. “#JusticeForRamalingam: 5 Muslim suspects arrested in connection to Ramalingam’s murder, One PFI member,” by Savio Rodrigues, Goa Chronicle, February 7, 2019: Chennai: Police investigating the case of Thiru Ramalingam – a 42 year old man from Kumbakonam – […]

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India: Muslim throws Hindu statue out of temple, starts praying Islamic prayers, says Allah told him to do it

He is “mentally unstable,” we are told, but The History of Jihad shows from Islamic sources that Islamic jihadis have behaved this way in India for centuries. Numerous temples were destroyed, and Islamic rulers liked to break the Hindu statues into pieces and place the pieces at the entrance to mosques, so that the Muslims […]

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India: “Movement for Islamic War” led by Islamic preacher amassed huge weapons cache, plotted massacre at police HQ

A video was also recovered by NIA in which, Mufti Suhail, the 29-year-old Islamic preacher who led the group, is heard explaining intricacies of an IED.” Happens all the time. Don’t rabbis and Christian preachers routinely get busted with weapons caches amid their plots to commit mass murder of non-Jews and non-Christians? From the establishment […]

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Bollywood film highlights “Islamophobia”: “It’s disturbing to realise that a particular religion is being targeted”

Here we go again: a new Bollywood movie presents Muslims as victims, never mentioning the multitudes who are the victims of Islamic jihadis. After working in a critically acclaimed film Mulk, which talked about Islamophobia and dealt with other social issues, Bollywood starlet Taapsee Pannu feels happy but disturbed at the same time. “I am […]

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