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Fired CNN host Reza Aslan: “It’s time to treat Donald Trump as an enemy of the state”

Reza Aslan is academia’s Anwar Awlaki. Reza Aslan (more here and here) is the primary exemplar of the deceptive Islamic supremacist who is widely taken as a “moderate.” He has defamed my colleagues and me in the most obscene and deceitful terms. Robert Spencer writes that he is “thus a good illustration of how people […]

The Home Ministry in Putrajaya, a city in Malaysia, just south of Kuala Lumpur, has banned six publications “because their contents may be detrimental to public order, morality and the public interest.” To be more explicit: the publications were deemed to be “contrary to Islam’s Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (Sunni) teachings.” They contain “elements promoting […]

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Malaysia: Seven Muslims arrested for plotting jihad massacres at non-Muslim places of worship

How did these Muslims stray from the famously “moderate” Islam of Malaysia? Why wasn’t that “moderate” Islam not sufficient for them? Why was it not able to withstand the challenge from the supposedly “hijacked” “radical” version? “6 Islamic State suspects arrested in Johor for planning attacks on places of worship,” Channel News Asia, March 24, […]

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