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Brigitte Bardot: “I didn’t fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France”

There is a two-tier justice system in Pakistan, which essentially means that Christians and other non-Muslims rarely get justice. If there were any country in which Muslims were treated the way Christians are in Pakistan, there would be screaming international headlines for weeks or longer. But no one will take any particular note of this. […]

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Pakistan: Muslim axes mother of eight to death over ‘honor’

Honor killing and violence is in accordance with Islamic mores and tradition, which is why we see an increase in honor killings in the West: it’s a result of Muslim immigration. A recent survey showed that 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, and 84 percent of honor killings in the United […]

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13-year-old Christian domestic servant raped by 42-year-old Muslim while younger cousin chained to bed

Daily acts of Islamic terror, in too many forms to list here, continue to plague religious minorities in Muslim countries at an alarming rate. What’s most alarming is the West’s disinterest, sanction even, of this ideological savagery. CHRISTIAN DOMESTIC SERVANT OF 13 RAPED WHILE YOUNGER COUSIN WAS TIED TO A BED Despite the arrest and […]

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Pakistani Islamism Flourishes in America

On January 1, President Trump tweeted that Pakistan gives “safe haven to the terrorists.” The State Department subsequently suspended over a billion dollars of security assistance and military funding to the country. The suspension of this aid is both welcome and long overdue. For decades, elements within Pakistan’s government have openly supported America’s most virulent […]

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