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Abbas’s book ‘The Road To Oslo’: Terrorist top dog Yasser Arafat refused to sign at last minute unless official signatory for “Palestinians” was #1 terrorist group PLO

I have long said that the Oslo terrorist accords, known as the “Oslo Peace Accord,” was the single worst mistake Israel ever made. Before Oslo, Israel was golden. After Oslo and the sanction, norming and legitimization of a genocidal terrorist group, it would be a slippery slope from “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” to signing […]

Here yet again we see it. When Muslims murder infidels, Muslims are victims. When racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” supposedly target Muslims, Muslims are victims. And when Muslims fake “Islamophobic hate crimes,” Muslims are victims. Always and in every situation, Muslims are victims, to be appeased and accommodated in every possible way. Once you understand, we can […]

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Hugh Fitzgerald: Thilo Sarrazin Confounds His Critics with Common Sense (Part III)

Anyone who has ever been to Istanbul, Granada or Cairo can only be astonished to read Sarrazin’s declaration that “an independent Islamic building culture never developed.” Anyone who knows Iran’s impressive Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can hardly agree with his statement that Muslims do not know anything “about urban […]

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Hugh Fitzgerald: UNRWA’s Bloated Farce

Trump Administration wants to strip refugee status from millions of “Palestinians” should be welcomed by all people of sense. For the “Palestinian” refugees now include every single descendant of those who left Palestine just before, during, and after the 1947-49 war. That means that if your grandfather, or great-grandfather, left in 1947, thinking he would […]

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Why has UNRWA been almost entirely funded by non-Muslims?

To ask the question is to answer it. The UNRWA has been almost entirely funded by non- Muslims because Muslims consider jizya from the kuffar to be their due. It is the responsibility of non-Muslims to pay for the upkeep of Muslims. Consequently the Muslim countries were counting on the US to fund the “Palestinians.” […]

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Video and Photos: Leftists Screaming for “Palestinian” Jihad Disrupt Afternoon Commute at Penn Station

Jan 30, 2018. Penn Station. NYC. 5:30 pm. Protestors from the Hard Left and pro-“Palestine” persuasions assembled on the Amtrak level, demanding NO Jail For Terrorist Ahed Tamimi, while making it impossible for the Amtrak commuters to hear the boarding announcements. Joining in the fray was the JDL- NY. They countered the lies on the […]

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