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“‘Impossible route’: Grand Paris Race cancelled over huge migrant encampment

Another huge migrant story that nary garners a headline in the mainstream media. Paris is melting before our very eyes. The elite never speak of it so that the mass delusion continues ….. until the next slaughter. MIGRANT CAMPS FORCE ‘GRAND PARIS’ RACE ORGANISERS TO CANCEL EVENT CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP/Getty Images ORGANISERS HAVE HAD TO CANCEL […]

‘ISIS Landlord’ Accused of Harbouring Paris Attackers Cleared of Charges

Not only did this landlord provide shelter for the savage Paris jihadis in the wake of a massive manhunt for them, but the Muslim community helped hide one of the attackers from police after the mass slaughter. His claims made Bendaoud infamous, and he was widely ridiculed in the media. The French public found it […]

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