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Pelosi: Omar isn’t anti-Semitic, she didn’t understand the “full weight of the words” she used

She didn’t understand? Is she a child? This is a manifestation of the Left’s unconscious paternalism, its assumption that some groups simply cannot be held to the same standards to which others are held. The full retreat of Pelosi and the Democrat leadership, and failure to rebuke Omar, is part of the ongoing normalization and […]

Welcome to Sadiq Khan’s London, Maajid

 Maajid – (Mājid) [maːʤɪd] ماجد  ✔@MaajidNawaz Tonight I was racially attacked while alone outside Soho theatre, from behind, as I bent down to pick up my phone. The white male assailant called me a “fucking Paki” as he hit me in the face with maybe a signet ring & ran away like a coward. He […]

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Watch President Trump blast Rep. Ilhan Omar over anti-Semitic tweet

 One must question the sanity of any Jewish American who votes for the anti-Semitic Democrat Party over the pro-Jewish President Trump in 2020. A vote for the Democrats in 2020 is a vote for Jihad and a vote for Jew-hatred. CSPAN  ✔@cspan  President Trump on Rep. @IlhanMN: “Her lame apology, and that’s what it was, […]

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House Minority Whip Scalise renews call for Pelosi to remove Rep. Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee

DEMOCRATS HAVE ABANDONED ISRAEL, JEWS SHOULD ABANDON DEMOCRATIC PARTY HOUSE MINORITY WHIP SCALISE RENEWS CALL FOR PELOSI TO REMOVE REP. OMAR FROM THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Feb. 12, 2019 – 1:53 – Rep. Ilhan Omar should not be allowed to received classified briefings on Israel, says House Minority Whip Steve Scalise. That Democrat leadership has […]

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Jihadi-Rep. Ilhan Omar viciously attacks Trump’s envoy to Venezuela in libel-fueled tirade

Rep. Ilhan Omar is the most vile human being to be elected to Congress in a long time. Omar is actually achieving what was thought to be impossible: she is making her predecessor Keith Ellison look good. This pro-Sharia anti-Semite openly defended the al-Shabaab terrorist group and openly supports the BDS movement, but has the […]

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WATCH: President Trump Kills It in El Paso

The enemedia is spitting blood, he was that awe-inspiring and magnificent.  Despite temperatures in the low forties, thousands turned out….

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Former NY Democrat assemblyman discusses the anti-Semitism problem plaguing the Democrats

While Nancy Pelosi was partying with Clive Davis and other Hollywood elites, Rep. Ilhan Omar went on another anti-Semitic Twitter rant, blasting Israel and the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC. As expected, Nancy Pelosi responded with a disingenuous written apology. As expected, much of the Jewish leadership ate it up. If the US Jewish leadership had […]

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Fresh on the heels of antisemitic scandal, racist Jew-hater Ilhan Omar continues antisemitic tweets

Rep. Lee Zeldin on Ilhan Omar’s ‘sorry not sorry’ apology The poisonous hate is impossible to purge. It’s a cancer of the soul. Why wouldn’t Democratic Party anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar keep up her anti-Semitic narrative? With very few exceptions, the Democrats and liberal Jewish organizations gave her a pass, not even calling for her […]

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO and PHOTOS: Jew-Haters Clash with Defenders of Israel Outside NYC Fundraiser for Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

“No Art for ApARTheid’s Sake.” Protest Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. [Facebook] On February 3,  2019, New York’s Carnegie Hall hosted an outrageously expensive fundraising brunch for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO), followed by an IPO concert performance. Tickets for the IPO brunch started at $1000. Protest the Israel Philharmonic was hosted by Adalah-NY. “New York human rights advocates gathered […]

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Jew Hater: Infamous Radical Democrat Ilhan Omar to Speak Alongside Terror-Tied ‘Charity’ Official who Praised Killing of Jews

ILHAN OMAR TO SPEAK ALONGSIDE CHARITY OFFICIAL WHO PRAISED KILLING OF JEWS by Sam Westrop, February 11, 2019 Despite battling accusations of anti-Semitism, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) is due to speak this month at a fundraising event alongside a senior charity official who has published social media posts praising the killing of Jews. This is indeed the defining moment […]

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