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East London or Afghanistan?

The media, the cultural gatekeepers never shows this. All those great British crime series writers concoct the most outlandish storylines and monsters but never do they depict the barbarians at the gate. On February 1, 2013, CNN released a documentary showing radical Muslims trying to impose Sharia law in East London. It showed, a group […]

Afghanistan: Taliban say they’ll target radio and TV stations that broadcast anti-Taliban announcements

If they want favorable media coverage, the Taliban should just move to Europe or the U.S. There the establishment media would fawn all over them and always give their point of view without room for dissent or rebuttal. “Taliban threaten Afghan media, say reporters to be targeted,” Associated Press, June 24, 2019: The Taliban have issued […]

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Afghanistan: Major Taliban sanctuary and weapons storage area found in mosque

Why didn’t the Muslim clerics at the mosque, knowing from learned imams such as Pope Francis that Islam is a religion of peace, send the Taliban packing? “Pictures released by provincial governor’s office reveal that the security forces confiscated a Saudi armed forces badge and a Pakistani certificate besides seizing weapons and munitions.” The Taliban’s […]

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