Chicago Police Clash With Antifa Protesters Outside Cook County Courthouse

Police in Chicago, Illinois, clashed with members of the violent and radical Antifa near the Cook County courthouse.

Antifa activists, cut from the same cloth as Nazi wanna-bes and sympathizers, started their protest in the early afternoon.

What were they protesting?

According to DNA Info, a hearing inside the court of a “white supremacist.”

Breitbart has more:Chicago Police Clash

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Police approached the protesters and asked them to stop blocking the streets and to move their marching to a sidewalk, but as the discussion continued, at least one protester began to scuffle with officers.

In seconds, several protesters jumped in and began a brawl with police.

The group consisted of perhaps a dozen protesters, some of them wearing black masks. In a video of the incident, one protester with a red bandana over his face is seen beating on the car of a passerby.

Other demonstrators were also seen screaming at vehicles as they drove by the scene.

Chicago police reported that three protesters were detained. Officials also could not confirm that anyone appearing in court that day was connected to any white supremacist group.

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