Death toll in Paris jihad suicide bombings and massacres rises to 160

Will this unimaginable savagery jolt the West into realism about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat? Probably not.

“‘I Saw Bodies’ in Paris’s Night of Terror,” by Dana Kennedy, Michael Weiss and Justin Miller, The Daily Beast, November 13, 2015:

Suicide bombers and gunmen struck the capital of France in one of the worst attacks in the West since 9/11.

At the start of a nightmarish, bloody, apocalyptic evening in Paris, Carmela Uranga heard sounds near her apartment that she thought at first were merely fireworks.Paris attacks and Police

Uranga, 47, a British-born mother of two young children, was eating an early dinner with her girls Friday when they heard “scary noises” and Uranga rushed to her window, making her girls stand back.

Uranga lives by the Le Petit Cambodge restaurant and the Le Carillon bar in the 10th arrondissement where the first of several terrorist attacks occurred Friday night. She was shocked and horrified by what she saw just under her window.

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“People were running all over the place and then I saw bodies lying on the street,” Uranga told The Daily Beast from Paris via telephone. “It was so surreal. I still can’t believe I saw what I saw. I live in this wonderful, vital place which is like a small village in the midst of Paris. And I saw bodies!”

As she surveyed the carnage below her window on Rue Bichat, she saw two men she believes were the shooters get in what she said appeared to be a a “getaway” car that passed just under her window

“It was a black car with Belgium license plates,” she said. “There was a driver and a passenger. I saw the passenger very clearly. He looked so young, 18, no more than 20 at the oldest. There was no doubt in my mind these were the shooters. They were leaving the scene so calmly. Another car was blocking the only other way out so they had a clear path. This seemed to be a very planned attack. It all happened so quickly will never forget seeing those two pass by in the car under my window.”

Police believe gunmen killed 14 people at the Cambodian restaurant and another dozen at the nearby bar in a spate of attacks that killed at least 160 people across France’s capital. More than 100 people were killed in the Bataclan theater alone after three terrorists detonated their explosive vests when police barreled in….

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